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Apply skins results in Access Denied error

I'm using Foobar mobile 1.3 on a Samsung Galaxy S10e, just updated to Android 12.  I reset my phone and re-installed foobar, but trying to apply any skins results in an Access Denied error.  Foobar has permissions to access storage.  Re-installing Foobar does not solve the issue.

Has this happened to anyone else?

EDIT: forgot to mention that I tried loading the skin from the internal storage, my SD card, and google drive.

Re: Apply skins results in Access Denied error

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Have the same problem.Does not read skin files.
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Re: Apply skins results in Access Denied error

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Uninstalled 1.3 and re-installed 1.2.30 from the foobar site, was able to re-apply my skin.  Haven't tried to update to 1.3 again yet.

Also, more subjective, but 1.3 was also much slower at indexing my music on Android 12.