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Please Recommend Me A Soundcard/headphone Combo

I really need a new sound card, and come this christmas I could probably afford one.
I'll also try to afford a new pair of headphones, since my recent rising interest in audio
has made me notice the somewhat exaggerated highs of my HD570's, and some other general displeasedness with them.

Now, unfortunately I don't have very much money to spend. Maybe 4000skr, tops. (~$400USD)
As it is now, I'm leaning towards either an Audigy 2 or a Terratec DMX 6fire (but I'm open for suggestions).
I'd prefer the "full" version with the front... panel... thingy, but I'm curious as to whether it would justify
the price difference over the light versions of the cards, or if I'm better off spending the extra $$$ on better cans?

The light versions of the sound cards are both at around $130-150 here, and the full versions are somewhere around 250, leaving me with $150-250 to put on cans.

I can get the HD600 for about $255, or the HD580 for $210

What would be my best combo, keeping in mind that $400 is probably at the very most I vill be able to spend. I'm going to listen to music on this setup _alot_, but also do some recording in Reason2 and programs like that (no external audio equipment though).

Any suggestions or opinions are very welcome, since I'm totally in the dark concerning technical hocus pocus,
but I know what sounds better when I hear it. Listening to all these different setups before buying won't be an option though :/

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Also, if you do the math you'll see that regardless of what cans I get, I can probably not aford the full version of either sound card, but I'm wondering if I'm better off keeping my hd570 for a while and getting the full version card right away, or if the light version + better cans is more worth it?

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