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Terratec M3PO

Has anyone here had any experience with Terratec's M3PO?

I just recently bought one and thought, as it uses standard FAT/FAT32 filesystem, i'd insert a HD already full of mp3's in catalogs fom A to Z.
But to my big surprise every folder in the root directory was now renamed to "New Folder"(!).
I put the drive back into my PC to see what was going on, but back in place the folders are named correctly; A-Z.
Does the M3PO have a slightly modified filesystem, or could it be that the folders weren't (in some magic way..?) renamed correctly in the TOC, as they all were named "New Folder" from the beginning in Windows.

Now, I've already reformatted the drive in the M3PO and copied all the files back to it from CD's. But I'm thinking of replacing it for a bigger 80GB drive I have, and it would be rather nice not having to fiddle with all those CD's again.

Anyways, I'm extremely satisfied with the audio quality of this gadget! And to be able to come home, sit down, select 'shuffle' and listen to 40GB of --APE encoded mp3's without the additional 200dB of PC makes it worth every $$$ spent


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