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General - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar UI responsiveness in Play/Pause mode vs Stopped
Last post by MojoBass -
You are right - I fully misunderstood  ::)  - thanks for clarification!
As you already showed, I as well found with your approach that panels in non-active presets are inactive.
However, I as well saw using your method, that JSP/SMP panels included via Popup Panels are active independant if they are shown or not, and (of course) for all CUI layout presets . Removing above mentioned plugin from Popup Panels solved the issue.
Thanks for your support!
MP3 - General / Re: Multiple .wav files into one .mp3 file with one lame command
Last post by John Jason Jordan -
Using sox has made life a lot easier. I just converted to MP3 a two-disc set of The Tales of Hoffman (2:19). To do this I copied all the ,wav files from the two CDs to my favorite folder, renaming the .wav files from the second CD (also numbered the same as the first CD) so that they were all numbered sequentially 1.wav to 108.wav. Having listened to a couple of the tracks I knew that each one ended in a few moments of silence, so adding my s.wav file for silence was unnecessary. I did:

sox *.wav output.wav; lame -V0 output.wav

And it produced an output.wave file of 1.4GB and an MP3 file of 243MB. The MP3 file plays beautifully, although the whole opera is 2:19.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Does foobar2000 support apple carplay?
Last post by warpbrother -
As far as I can see, there is no other music app in the App Store which could be compared to FB2k. Since the current version with its interface is really good, the music can be easily put to the iPhone / accessed via FTP, FB2k supports gapless playback, there is not much missing 😀 at all.

So CarPlay support would be massive! 👍🏻

Thanks a lot
General - (fb2k) / Re: Monochrome IRC
Last post by eahm -
Hostname is the IP of the VPS and the port is not a default one.

This is the issue "17:22:11 Disconnected: No such host is known" (just tested now) not the validation of the username or the password, I am doing all that you're saying of course.

BTW, I have Textual (macOS), Igloo (iOS), Irssi, WeeChat, HexChat, AdiIRC and mIRC configured with this ZNC and they all work fine, the host is fine.

Separate question, on "User modes" do I enter +i or i? If I want more do I separate them with a comma?
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC, Plextor Premium II & CUE Sheet
Last post by JohnnySH -
So in the real world

with my current settings in EAC set @ 24 speed burst mode, Rip to single file using a plextor premium II, with Accurip test? rip takes about 5mins

my CDs are in in pristine condition, like new

will I get anything better in audio quality if I set EAC to secure 4/8 speed Secure Mode ?? other than it taking about 20mins to rip a CD

My main concern is will the audio sound better ?? with one rip over the other

after all CDs are not great sounding at the best of times, so trying to get the best audio rip possible

So will a slower secure Rip give me anything better, with mint pristine CD's

Thank you in advance for any help

General Audio / Re: Vorbis better than opus?
Last post by sld -
Its not entirely wrong. From the perspective of very high bitrate one may prioritize spectrum over efficiency.
Extra psy bells and whistles may be perceived as a liability . In the most tuned coders- mp3 lame, vorbis, mpc ; the higher the quality level the less psychoacoustics are used .

Will be nice to have some actual data on how these codecs work rather than intellectual theories.
General Audio / Re: Vorbis better than opus?
Last post by sld -
It's not outrageously wrong, it just needs ABX to back it up.

In blind comparison, I can hear aoTuV Vorbis at 268+ kbps tend to deliver clearer sound to the original than the best Opus or LC-AAC encoders at the same rate, whether it be a matter of stereo fidelity or transient fidelity, or that 20KHz cutoff that I can hear when played in a car (using the AUX jack not Bluetooth). There hasn't been a listening study at that bit rate, so it might just be me and my tastes.
I think you can probably share the methodology and results so that Mr Birdie can perhaps get started on HIS double blind comparison.
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