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Making a visulization component

I'm trying to figure out how to get some values from Foobar2k and outputting it through serial to a microcontroller to control some RGB LED's to act like a spectrum analyzer. However with some digging around on the forums and SDK I can't seem to find a good place to start.

I also have a few other questions, I saw a post that I can only make components in Visual C++ (but the post was quite old), I usually use Code::Blocks with MinGW, is it still not possible to use that setup to make plugins for Foobar2k?

Thanks, Hopefully I can painlessly get what I need out of Foobar to make a cool display!

Is the visualization streamer, what I am looking for?

Making a visulization component

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You're most probably going to have to use VC++, as the C++ mangling and ABI between mingw and MSVC are most probably not similar.
As for visualisation, create a visualisation_stream (or _v2/_v3 through visualisation_manager's create_stream function. Through that interface you can poll for the current time and query for PCM and spectrum data at particular times.

Code: [Select]
service_ptr_t<visualisation_stream_v3> stream;
  static_api_ptr_t<visualisation_manager> m;
  m->create_stream(stream, visualisation_manager::KStreamFlagNewFFT);
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