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General - (fb2k) / Re: Monitoring the audio buffer
Last post by Pusherman -
You could try increase audio application priorities (including WASAPIHost*.exe or ASIO*.exe etc) and decrease torrent and other problem apps priorities.

What ethernet adapter you have?
Hi all,

I use Foobar2000 as my default music player (v1.3.14). I recorded a part of the rhythm guitar of Ho, Hey from Lumineers to help a friend playing it and when I listen it throught Foobar2000, I hear some kind of flanger (it's subtle but you can hear it well at the end of the mp3) and I tried with other players : VLC, Groove, in Firefox and I even downloaded MusicBee to be sure and it does this only in Foobar AND this mp3 (or the original wav file).

It's the first time I hear something like.

Not a big deal but it's always a good thing to understand why it does this :).
Just put all tag sourced fields in square brackets [%like this%] and you won't see question marks when fields don't exist. You can also use it with functions [$meta(like this)]. You can be pretty sure there won't be configuration option for this.
Have a look at the Oppo Sonica
What a price! but apart from that: it doesn't Support chromecast-built-in

Raspberry pi
I am to stupid for that! ;)  I am looking for a hifi-device and not a mini-pc
Yes, in some cases I would like to see the "?" as an indicator for an absent field.
For others though, for example POPM/Rating, the later specifically for which the standard rating values range from 0-5 for some encoding formats, I would prefer to NOT see the "?" for an absent field (as it is rather hard to visually read/tell apart a ? from a 1 or 2 if it's a long vertical row of single digits).
Single disc CD drive? Or changers/robots?
Thank you so much for looking into this, most people wouldn't give it the time of day. Upload:
Your comment makes little sense to me.  An empty field is shown as empty, and an absent field as "?". If you don't want to see "?" then don't define the field in the first place. Why would you want to configure the display of something you put in your titleformatting you don't want there to be? Then why did you put it into your titleformatting then?

Also, like db1989 already mention, it's a perfect way to see if something wrong is up with your titleformatting.
Although this being a very old thread - I too would prefer not to see the "?" for absent fields / i.e. to be able to configure foobars' display of absent fields...
I had a look around in the preferences - but this is still the default & not-changeable behaviour...?
Would be great to have this as a column relative setting (imo).
Support - (fb2k) / No album art for parent folders
Last post by Tribble -
I'm using the default user interface and the album art viewer pane. In the Preferences I have "Prefer current selection" ticked.

In my Album List, I sort by folder structure and when an album has multiple CDs, each CD is in a separate subfolder under the parent album folder. In the parent album folder and each subfolder I have a cover.jpg image.

I usually play the whole set by double-clicking the parent folder in the Album List, which I have set in Preferences to "Send to current playlist".

If I have the parent album folder selected in the Album List though, I get no album art displayed. Unless I defocus fb2k by clicking on another window, explorer for instance, or whatever. Then the album art in the currently playing subfolder is instantly displayed (which is good). If I click back on fb2k's title bar to give fb2k focus again, that image instantly vanishes.

I guess fb2k doesn't display the art from a selected folder that has no audio files in it, even though the subfolders have. That's unfortunate for the way I tend to use it.

This isn't a huge problem, I've just noticed it quite a lot and I miss my album art so I thought I would mention it  ;D