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DSD 64 Support on Foobar

Many Sites selling Hi-Def audio on some cases only provide the downloads on the DSD format which I believe is the format SACD from Sony was based on.

I mostly download FLAC but in the case of Boston’s original album on HDtracks it can only be downloaded in DSD 64.

Is there any thoughts of Foobar supporting this format in the future?

Thx Jay

Re: DSD 64 Support on Foobar

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It should already support playback of it, but downmixed to 1/8th rate PCM, if you encode your DSD tracks using WavPack's DSD compression mode. Bonus points for decoding much faster than DST ever will.

Re: DSD 64 Support on Foobar

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Thanks for responding. I am not doing the encoding. The .dsf file encoded by HDTracks and purchased by me will not play on foobar2000 mobile. On IOS I have been able to download the Onkyo HF Player and it can decode DSD 64. Maybe I am doing something wrong but Foobar won’t recognize the file type.


Re: DSD 64 Support on Foobar

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I meant that you can use the WavPack encoder on any desktop or laptop computer to convert that .dsf to a .wv file, which will decode much faster than any DST compressed .dsf file, and will be at least supported for PCM playback by foobar2000.

Re: DSD 64 Support on Foobar

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Ok. Gotcha. Thanks