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Audio Hardware / Re: may i know your favorite headphone?
Last post by kode54 -
I'm still using my HD 580s after more than 10 years, and have replaced all the pads exactly once, and the cables several times. They're plugged into my Blue Yeti microphone, and I keep forgetting to turn off the microphone monitoring.
General Audio / Re: Song Previewer and Playlist Info
Last post by Simon_ Thunder -
Download foo_seek.dll -,88654.0.html
Unzip that file to Foobar2000 components folder.
Run Foobar2000.exe
Go to main Foobar2000 window:
1)Playback - Seek control - Loop length - default
2)Playback - Seek control - Preview length - default

Go to File - Preferences - Advanced
3)Advanced - Playback - Seek - Preview - Playback position - 0
4)Preview length - 45000 (45 sec = 45000 ms)
5)Reset next track to playback position preview - is checked
6)Apply - ok

Main Foobar2000 window
7)Playback - Seek control - Preview
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Option buttons - problem
Last post by Simon_ Thunder -
I wanted to add a new shortcut to my button bar, in this case "Quick convert panel"

Unfortunately, the button does not start an option. The same option available from the context menu works fine

Can you check if this is a bug in the program ?

foobar2000 v1.4 beta 11
Windows 8.1 Pro

First! You must create your conversion preset eg Mp3 VBR 192 kbps and save the preset! 
Second - or create shortcut for last used preset and this thing start working.
AAC / Where to download FDK AAC for foobar2k/windows?
Last post by MetaPixel -
I'm trying to fit music into an old phone with low space, and it seems that HE-AACv2 and Opus are the best candidates.
I'm new to encoding aac, so I searched a lot and didn't find the fdk aac encoder for windows, just a lot of source code for android.
Also, I know there are other aac encoders like nero and apple but I want to stick to something free/open source.
General A/V / Re: High resolution audio - lowest audio setup?
Last post by Phanton_13 -
Your comparison was either not blind, or totally incorrect.
Bit depth conversion can't alter the amount of punch[es] at all, even in theory, even if done in worst possible way.
I'd suggest testing 24 bit record against itself converted to 16 bits. Not against some other record which could be made from something else entirely — that would make the test incorrect.
It was not a personal comparison and was properly done, in it participated 20 person at 5 songs per day during two weeks with the same equipment, all the 16 bit versions where converted from the 24 bit masters with the level matched, also this both songs with anomalies where not from a commercial record but where direct orchestral records and nearly unprocessed (the only processing was the bit depth and sample rate conversion needed for the test) and for a clarification the where only 5 persons that heard the differences and not all heard the difference in both samples. This two outliers where special, we don't know the reason but there where suspicions that the one with more punch it was not level matched properly due to impulse behaviour in the resampler, in the other is that the near silent part was possibly below the noise level of 16 bit audio due to the conversion, an for the purpose of the comparison they where treated as statistical anomalies.

PD. I don't know if punch was the correct word as I'm not a native English speaker and the sensation that i had is hard to describe for me.

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Option buttons - problem
Last post by musicmusic -
I found a bug (in the Columns UI buttons toolbar) – the 'Active selection' item group does not work when a track is playing. Not sure if it is the specific bug you are experiencing, but it will be fixed for the next version.
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