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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Help indentify problem (since v1.4.1 foo_partyshuffle plugin stopped working)
Last post by phts -
There was a code behavior change in 1.4.1: "Pressing “next” past the end of playlist now restarts the playlist even without “repeat” mode."
You can manually start playing the correct track you want with call to playlist_execute_default_action().
PS: you should change your random number generator. Now your party shuffle will never pick from all tracks for people who have over 32K tracks in their library.

Thank you for the answer. I will try to fix it.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Quake PC game CDDA soundtrack and pre-emphasis
Last post by djdarko -
I've been meaning to revisit this thread for a while now!

I eventually came to the conclusion that the pre-emphasis flag is incorrect for the soundtrack. Like Axon said, it just makes it sound muffled.

Regarding the Mac soundtrack, my theory is that it was actually an analog capture of the PC soundtrack played through a CD player, which de-emphasized it according to the flags, and someone also mixed up the left and right cables. Maybe the folks at MacSoft weren't given the original audio files, and weren't able to rip the PC CD-DA tracks? As crazy as that sounds, it would explain all the anomalies in the Mac soundtrack.

Hi decollated, I'm desperately looking for that MAC soundtrack specifically (for archival purposes), would you possibly be able to PM me those files?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by davideleo -
I actually moved to spider monkey panel, but this looks like a legacy from jscript panel: why are some lines in the flags document commented out? Namely line 37-39. Others are uncommented, but nevertheless followed by a "do not use" remark.

I often use those variables in my scripts and what I actually did is preprocess the flags document after uncommenting those lines. This leads me to a more general question: are we supposed to use the flags and helpers documents this way, in the preprocessor? Or is it a better practice to copy the flags and helpers we need, in our own scripts?
Scientific Discussion / Re: Subwoofer in a system: Data showing benefit of also utilising a high pass filter
Last post by KMD -
Yes there often is not a crossover,and so the owners of such things do not get the be benefit of mid range clarity that a sub can provide. The reduction in IMD is visible in the charts in the link. That is for a 3 way speaker plus a sub , so it seems reasonable to expect that  the data for the improvement for a two way speaker would be  greater still.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: TagBox Tag Editing Plugin
Last post by Mamadex -
How do I add custom fields like LYRICIST to TagBox component which has the ability to show auto suggest list by foobar library?
Add Lyricist to Preferences -> Advanced -> Display -> Autocomplete fields
To display it on the dialog called from the context menu, go to Preferences -> Tools -> Tagging -> Tagbox and click the "Add" button at the bottom. Fill in label and tag fields with "lyricist".
To add lyricist to the UI panel, click the Gear icon and choose Configuration.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Text, Album Info, Picture.
Last post by hikaze -
I have used the newest script. Could you please make some changes for more better?
1)one special character,like dot ".". It can not be changed to dot"."(keep the same).
2)It can  not set the path of the  album's images in one seperate directory.(named as %album artist% - %album%)
3) I don't need some information for XXX_the _artist_info.ini.(except:external_links,born)
I wish you make this to be the one best excellent script tool.
Thank you very much.
 :)   ;D  :))   :D
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