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Hydrogenaudio IRC channels

Server: | Libera Chat web site
Channels: #hydrogenaudio, #foobar2000, #boomaudio

Since #hydrogenaudio is usually quiet and has fewer users, you might as well ask your questions in #foobar2000 too.

The channels have been moved from Freenode to Libera following the recent unfortunate events.
Freenode channels are still up as of now, but due to random policy changes of Freenode we might lose control over them any time for arbitrary reasons, therefore I encourage everyone to use Libera channels instead.

Re: Hydrogenaudio IRC channels

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Re: Hydrogenaudio IRC channels

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I am personally warning everyone against using the "new" Freenode.

Apparently nick/channel registration info has been wiped, for reasons that only mr. Lee knows.
Hydrogenaudio staff NO LONGER uses Freenode. If you try to contact us there, via our well known nicks registered since early 2000s, you might end talking to some troll, but not one of us.

Re: Hydrogenaudio IRC channels

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...shouldn't Discord be more attractive and user friendly? I'm all oldschool for IRC, but Discord really is good.
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Re: Hydrogenaudio IRC channels

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#hydroaudio on freenode was always a very quiet channel, is that different on libera?

Re: Hydrogenaudio IRC channels

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On Libera it requires to identify the nick name with services before joining the channel is allowed. Idling on this channel is a hassle. On a disconnect, I most notice it and type two command-lines to join the channel.


Re: Hydrogenaudio IRC channels

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I removed the nick registration requirement for now.

Shortly after setting Libera channels up there was a flood of spam bots joining and yelling "#channelname was moved to freenode", blocking unregistered users was the only way to stop them.

Also, various IRC clients automate the process of identifying and joining channels on startup, without the need to write scripts or alike.

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