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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by Slender -
*1* "YouTube login cookie"
Did that several months ago. But since I get the agree restriction even if I go to YouTube. Normally, is there a way for me to verify my YouTube account age, and that's the issue ?
While there's no way to verify your age in the component, you may need to perform the process again, I remember hearing somewhere that the YouTube cookie will sometimes expire after a while.
*2* 403 error and "clearing your analysis cache"
Sure... if I only know how?
Go to view>Youtube Source>Analysis Cache, right click and select wipe cache.
General A/V / Dropbox integrated music player for Windows?
Last post by tomstephens89 -
Does anyone know of a music player for windows that supports native dropbox integration via their API... In that it accesses your account directly and indexes media files without the need for a local sync?

I use Cloudbeats on my phone to do it and it works great. Clementine is supposed to do it but is a dead project as of 2016 and it doesn't appear to work.

Development - (fb2k) / Dropbox integration component?
Last post by tomstephens89 -
Hi all,

I have a large media library consisting of over 24000 FLAC's. All of this is synced into my Dropbox account and I use a nifty app called Cloudbeats on iPhone to stream my own collection on the go.

For my work laptop with insufficient storage I am trying to find a similar functioning app that lets me access my dropbox collection without having to sync the files down.

Clementine used to do this but doesn't appear to work, or takes years to return an index of my files.

I think this would be a great component for foobar. Anyone else?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by alexinc -
Tried mod.17.1 after several weeks of abstinence and it's always crashing on me after fetching the artist releases. When it wasn't crashing and opened the match track dialogue no tracks where shown - weather the fetched release tracks nor my local files...

EDIT: crazy sh..., i found the culprit. when having foo_upnp_out selected as output device (DLNA speaker), then your plugin is crashing. Having selected primary sound driver, everything is working as expected. :-O

EDIT2: at least i can run mod.16.1 - with mod.17.1 same problem as before.
Listening Tests / Re: Great killer sample, easy to ABX on most codecs
Last post by synclagz -
Out of curiosity I've tried to ABX Aften AC3 @320k but I couldn't do it.
I always thought that AC3 is kind of lower quality but this sample surprised me.
Interesting. Tried ffmpeg's AC3 (more recent)?

Yes. Just few days ago I've tried Shanaencoder v5.04 which is basically frontend for ffmpeg. Same thing. I would say same quality (based on this sample).
Maybe someone with better ears and/or equipment could say something more about Aften/ffmpeg AC3 behavior on this sample, but considering how Apple AAC sounds, AC3 is better (to my ears).

I also tried Helix mp3 @320k CBR and V150 VBR (~230k). Also high quality. I didn'tbtry to ABX it but on normal listening throug headphones I coudn't make a difference.
I wonder why is not so popular as LAME is. Not to mention its extremly fast encoding speed.

Tried Lossy FLAC @ Economic 410k and couldn't ABX it.
Good alternative to wavpack, but i have very limited experience with Lossy Flac.
I'll definitely put some free time to LossyFlac testing.
It seems interesting.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Any plugin that does add date?
Last post by regor -
Great to know it. Then you can use that in a new Masstagger preset, and bind that preset to a button applied to current selection. You would have to run it on new tracks added manually though.

Just finished implementing the auto-tag feature on Playlist Manager too, works fine. It replaces the configured tag (will not add new values to current ones).


On the example I have configured to add the result of a function to first tag and a string to the other tag. The function is executed in JavaScript and only those set on a given file can be called. In the example I used a "now" function. Alternatively, TF or %tag% can also be used.

Autotag would run every time a new track is added to the playlist (only) on the new tracks. If adding multiple copies of the same track, it tags them only once... even if it's done at different times.

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