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Development - (fb2k) / Seek bar
Last post by visaoalex -

The seek bar could show time while mouse is on it...
It shows after a click but before the click...
So i could know that where im skiping to...

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_uie_lyrics3
Last post by veksha -
Thanks for the latest v0.50! it's amazing to have all those sources. But I have a problem when the server is not responding, the search remains stuck forever, and the only solution is to remove the server from the search. Can it be fixed by implementing a timeout like in the original sources long time ago ?
(In my case it was Multi DB: Dark Lyrics, had to remove it)
Maybe a timeout with a default value of 10 seconds...
Hi @zafer . I've been working on a new version 0.51. rewritten most of the code.
changed timeout to 10 sec.

Hello @Koshingg .  now plugin downloads multiple lyrics (in parallel) from one source and lines with lyric info (like [00:00.00] 作词 : Ed Sheeran) is getting removed. please test.

other changes: musixmatch token can be acquired automatically (if empty); minilyrics source removed, + other small fixes.

foo_multisource 0.51 (testing) download here:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
thank you for testing!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_uie_sql_tree
Last post by stevehero -
Thanks for your help.

Good job I format my album tag album [catolog #] so it will work fine. I just need to filter out albums that have the names Singles, SC and BOOTLEG.

Got this album artist to work by using the % which I assume matches any character like you mentioned in a previous post.

Here's that attempt at that.
Code: [Select]
SELECT album,"album artist"
FROM MediaLibrary
WHERE album IN
      (SELECT album
       FROM MediaLibrary
       WHERE album NOT LIKE "%BOOTLEG%"
           AND  album NOT LIKE "%Singles%"
           AND  album NOT LIKE "%[SC]"
       GROUP BY 1
       HAVING count(distinct "album artist")>1)
ORDER BY album, discnumber, tracknumber

Then for Catalog # it doesn't work, even though it is in the MediaLibrary table.

I've removed one catalog # from one track in an album to test but nothing is showing.

This does work, kinda. I cleared the tag so the contents weren't the same string although it was empty and it didn't show.

Any way to modify this so that works when the tags are empty also?

Code: [Select]
SELECT "%album artist%",album
FROM MediaLibrary
WHERE "%album artist%"||album IN
      (SELECT "%album artist%"||album
       FROM MediaLibrary
       WHERE "totaltracks" > 1
       GROUP BY 1
       HAVING count(distinct "catalog #")>1)
ORDER BY album, discnumber, tracknumber
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Manager-SMP
Last post by regor -
This plugin is awesome! 1 minor detail that took me a while to figure out though. I specified my playlist path as this: "D:\Google Drive\Music\Default". It kept saying it couldn't find any playlists, which made no sense since when I had it open said folder, I saw all my .m3u8 files. Then I tried adding a trailing slash, so I made it: "D:\Google Drive\Music\Default\" and that fixed it. Would it be possible to check if the last character includes the slash, and if not, just append it? Or perhaps make mention of that in the info panel as part of the can't find any playlists standard message that otherwise populates it? Great work btw, this is exactly what I needed.
Yep, easy enough. That's a "problem" with paths at many places though, not only this script or that specific function. Will check the path inputs of most of my scripts to solve it.

Btw the latest SMP dev build seems to fix the relative paths bug, so I will update the github repositories with proper releases asap.

regor, I followed your steps from here but automatically adding tags to tracks added to playlists it's not working for me . Either it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong
Can't see the link sorry. (you can attach gifs here too btw)
General - (fb2k) / Title Formatting: How to automaticly identify different strings and remove them?
Last post by SpezNas -

I've been trying to create two lines of code related to "Title Formatting" for a few days now, but I just can't seem to get it to work.

The following background exists:
I have a playlist in foobar2000 in which only radio streams are added. All these individual streams I have included by means of m-TAGS. Now the problem is that some of these streams store additional information in the columns "Title" and "Artist" (e.g. year of release, name of the radio station), which I don't want to have there.

Therefore, it would be nice if this additional unwanted informations are automatically detected and - if present - trimmed. Thus - if it would succeed - only the title and the artist would be contained in the respective column.

The following structure is exemplary for the metadata of the problematic radio streams, as soon as I have started them:
1. title: SONGNAME, YEAR (e.g. "Song, 2019")
2. artist: RADIOSTATION ARTIST (e.g. "RADIO Station | Artist")

My programming attempts so far look like this:
I have entered both codes in the fields provided in the preferences. (Path: Display --> Columns UI -> Playlist view --> Tab "Columns")

1. title:"$left(%title%,$sub($len(%title%),6))"
On the surface, this code works. It actually truncates the radio streams in question so that only the title of the song is in the field provided. However, this code also truncates all other radio streams, which are not problematic by themselves, by the trailing six characters each. I am obviously missing a control at this point that allows trimming only for song titles that have ", YEAR" at the end.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to integrate this control mechanism.

2. artist: "$if(%album artist%,$replace(%album artist%,'RADIO Station | ',),)"
This code also seems to work. However, as soon as I use a radio station with an already slightly different name (e.g. "RADIO StationY | "), this code does not work either. With this code, an "OR" reference would probably have to be integrated, in which all strings with incorrect artist names are listed. But maybe there is a more elegant solution, which automates the whole process a bit more, without me having to add an incorrect string every time.

In the meantime I've reached the end of my modest knowledge, so I'm hoping for some help here.

Thanks a lot!

Support - (fb2k) / FB 1.6.7 Beta 17 => FALSE Dirty shutdown problem ...
Last post by AndreaT -
Hello @Peter ,
I noticed that the new Beta 17 is reporting false dirty shutdowns.

Each time I restart the Beta 17 reports the problem even if the shutdown was clean.

I noticed that FB does NOT really close "on close" but remain within the active tasks.
I made a memory dump. Let me know if you need it.

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