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Support - (fb2k) / txtp files from mario kart live: home circuit (nintendo switch) won't play
Last post by ARV -
hi, this is my first time posting here because i have an issue regarding txtp files in foobar2000. i have downloaded an audio dump of mario kart live: home circuit for nintendo switch from hcs64 and when i try to play only some txtp files in foobar i get an error and idk why. i mainly use vgmstream as a plugin for video game music but idk why this happens since it has worked for me before
General - (fb2k) / Re: wav 32bit fixed-point to FLAC
Last post by Porcus -
Perhaps SoX was born in the era that CPUs' built-in FPUs were slow or didn't even had built-in FPUs?
If I understand correctly, the ability to handle 32-bits at all was introduced much later, and if so, "born" is not an excuse.

Also a bit off-topic, those so-called 32-bit DACs nowadays only use 24-bit filter coefficients, people are being scammed! :))

32-bit means:
 * is able to receive and immediately trash the last eight bits
 * will naturally dither away a few more in the conversion (measurements from Archimago)
 * so in the end you can take pleasure in the sound of your lightbulb while you are playing at pain threshold ... and not to mention, revel in the placebo effect over the eleven or twelve more bits that are printed on the outside of the device (and take up most of the hard drive space)

General Audio / Does removing padding remove data or does it just remove what’s not required
Last post by stevehero -
If say I use metaflac or ID3 to remove the padding for FLAC and MP3s'.

ID3.exe command:
Code: [Select]
ID3 -2 -s 0 "file"

metaflac.exe  command:
Code: [Select]
metaflac --preserve-modtime --dont-use-padding --remove --block-type=PADDING "file"

If I use the commands for both to remove padding, does it affect any existing tags (remove them) or does it just remove what's not needed with regards to padding?
General - (fb2k) / Re: wav 32bit fixed-point to FLAC
Last post by bennetng -
Gaaaah ... someone had a bright idea back in the day then.

(sox is thirty years old. I used it quite a lot in my Linux-on-desktop days, so, mildly disappointed over an old acquaintance being that stupid. Allegedly it supports 32-bit integer and 64-bit float ....)
Perhaps SoX was born in the era that CPUs' built-in FPUs were slow or didn't even had built-in FPUs?

Anyway... Reaper supports lossless import and export up to 64-bit float, Audacity is lossy beyond 32-bit float but able to handle int32 and float64 files in lossy ways like foobar. Audition is also lossy beyond 32-bit float, don't know about the latest Adobe CC versions, but at least it is true in the older versions I have. For these float32 DAWs exporting to int32 is actually lossy! Only special DAWs like the old (early 2000s), fixed-point hardware-based Pro Tools TDM used integer as internal format: 24-bit for external link and 48-bit processing precision with 8 guard bits for clipping prevention, so 56 fixed bits for a measly 24-bit data chain (source). The newer Pro Tools HDX uses 32/64-bit float already (source). So for those who strive for the "industry standard" in this era, 64-bit float is the way to go, even WavPack doesn't support it. Also a bit off-topic, those so-called 32-bit DACs nowadays only use 24-bit filter coefficients, people are being scammed! :))

For foobar, I care more about plugin compatibility, what if kode54 don't update all of his game music plugins? I lost foo_midi already, can't afford more loss.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Questions about portable install
Last post by Porcus -
First of all, if you go to your %appdata% folder you will find files like theme.fth and FileOps-Presets.txt
You should anyway make backup copies of them.

Then I suggest that you make a portable install for testing, and copy them to there. If that preserves what you need, then you don't need to worry about copying yourself into issues like this:

Oh, and there is a configuration folder and a user-components folder too.
General - (fb2k) / Questions about portable install
Last post by r0k -
Hey there. I've been using fb2k for a veeeery long time now, so long that my install went through all sorts of mistreatment so i decided to start clean. I want to be able to "backup" my entire fb2k installation as i've had some troubles in the past, including completely loosing my entire highly customised UI due to a stupid mistake. I also want to be able to "copy" that installation, along with all the customization, to one or more other computers. For this reason i had planned to use a portable install but i have 2 questions :
  • Is there an easy way to achieve what i want (backup and copy) with a non portable install? I know there are components to backup (parts?) of your settings but if i just copy that to another computer and "restore" it will it give me the same foobar? What about my components?
  • Apart from no file association and the minor inconvenience of having to manually create a start menu shortcut, is there any other downside to a portable install? Every component will work as expected right?
FLAC / Re: New FLAC compression improvement
Last post by ktf -
Some unscientific numbers for 29 random CD format albums:
I was shocked to see that the difference between flake and this new LPC analysis method was so small, but I just realised that is probably because flake uses a smaller padding block by default. I tried to get CUEtools.Flake working here, but for some reason I can't. Wombat, can you check whether padding is indeed smaller with CUEtools.Flake? If there are no tracks longer than 20 minutes in your test, the difference should be 4096 bytes per track.
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