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320 MP3 VBR to CBR

Hi. Could someone recommend a program for converting 320 kbps VBR mp3 to 320 kbps CBR mp3 without losing quality.
I read about mp3repacker but I can't find working link to download it (for Win XP) and I need some friendly GUI version because I'm not IT guy...

P.S. I don't need to reduse final file size - I don't care about it. I just need to keep original quality as much as possible.

*Sorry for my english

Re: 320 MP3 VBR to CBR

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It is possible. MP3packer can inflate the smaller frames with nonsensical padding and turn a VBR file to larger CBR file retaining the old audio data as is. But it seems to fail to write a valid LAME tag/Xing header so gapless info disappears.