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Topic: Encoding 2-channel mp3 from mono ogg? (Read 3336 times) previous topic - next topic
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Encoding 2-channel mp3 from mono ogg?

Trying my best not to decode a few hundred 2-hour mono ogg files to stereo wav, before encoding as mp3, because that is some terabytes of data of no use.

Reason is application and plugins not accepting mono. Also, ogg does not work well with cover art for YouTube Music uploads.

Tried different winGUIs like freac and all2lame, as I'm no good at command lines. All2lame seems most configurable, but not multicore compliant as freac is.

Is there a switch in lame to encode single channel audio to dual and/or report to player as stereo?

Re: Encoding 2-channel mp3 from mono ogg?

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Foobar is your friend.;)

Re: Encoding 2-channel mp3 from mono ogg?

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Foobar is your friend.;)
I'll give it a spin, if you think it can transcode mono ogg to stereo (2ch) mp3.
Answering myself - as a Winamp hardcore user since forever, foobar was never an option back then, but a LOT has happened I see.
I got the latest beta and the encoderpack, and set it to transcode from ogg to mp3, and the mono to stereo DSP, and got it right on first try.

It's not very fast, but I guess it has to decode temporarily to process DSP before it encodes again, and the uncompressed files are huge, so I'm not surprised.

Thanks for the tip. :)

Re: Encoding 2-channel mp3 from mono ogg?

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Even it's not too fast, it's a simple process. 'Set and forget'.