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Topic: MP3 Factory - a shell script for processing music files on *nix (Read 2550 times) previous topic - next topic
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MP3 Factory - a shell script for processing music files on *nix

i'm building what i think is a fairly comprehensive bash shell script for transcoding and processing MP3s on Linux (or any OS that supports Bash, which apparently Windows 10 now does ???) - basically the script is a wrapper that depends on quite a few 3rd party tools to get the job done, including eyeD3, exiftool, ffmpeg, flac, loudgain, mediainfo, mp3gain, mp3guessenc, mp3info, mp3splt, mp3val, rmlyrics3

i'm building the script largely for my own purposes so i'm not too interested in incorporating features i don't personally require, but i do want to share it and hopefully get some feedback from you fine folks, as well as coding critique if possible since i'm just becoming familiar with bash scripting - note that it's very alpha-ish at the moment ... there will be bugs

\primarily it handles transcoding to mp3, integrity checking, rudimentary tagging, optimization and repairs (where possible) and it runs in one-by-one or batch mode - there is a huge emphasis on integrity checking which consists of more than 25 tests at the moment, most of which are configurable

the script is hosted here:

perhaps the best way to really understand what the script does is to read the configuration file:

following are the current functions...

Code: [Select]
 1) Tag To File Name
 2) Integrity Check 1
 3) Spectral Analysis
 4) Clean File Name
 5) Convert To MP3
 6) Clean Metadata
 7) File Name To Tag
 8) Write A Tag
 9) Auto-Tag
10) Optimize
11) Integrity Check 2
12) Play Audio File
13) Collection Stats
14) Trim Silence (!)
15) Repairs (!)
16) Add Log Entry
17) View Log
18) Edit Config
19) Load Config
20) Documentation
21) Quit