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Replay Gain in React

I'm not used to all the technical terms in Audiophile Language so can someone please answer the following in Laymans Terms

I am trying to convert my CDs to FLAC and also to MP3 at the same time using REACT.

When looking into the cfg file and ini file of the REACT 2.0 (with akku mod) I can see replay gain and no replay gain dotted all through. How can I understand if it is on or off and how does that relate to adjusting the recorded volume so that all tracks are the same therefore I dont have to keep turning up and down the volume on my MP3 player

Are there any links to fully understand what replay gain is exactly?

Replay Gain in React

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The last question.. what is Replay Gain can be answered by looking at the HydrogenAudio Knowledgebase, confusingly via the link called Wiki, next to FAQ in the dark blue bar at the top of this page (if you're using standard view, not lo-fi, it's a dark blue bar). Typing Replay Gain into the search box then takes you to the Knowledgebase page in this link. That also has links to the Replay Gain entry at

It's a while since I used REACT, but suggest you try typing REACT in the Wiki search box.
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