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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: iPod manager
Last post by TheEmpathicEar -
add "Playlist tabs" and "playlist view" in to your layout.

File > Ipod > load library. you should see a new playlist showing all the music on your iPod.

From there you should be able to select all or individual tracks and rewrite database.
Here is what I did:
In my setup, at top left, below the File menu, is a drop-down list with just two items: Library and Playlist. It usually set to Library.
1. I changed this to playlist Everything looks the same. This is probably because I don't have any playlist other than the one that contains my entire library [default?].
2. From the File menu, I chose "New Playlist" or Ctrl-N. This seems to clear everything.
3. Now, File Menu, iPod, "Load Library". populates the playlist.
4. Now, File Menu, iPod, "Rewrite Database".
5. Eject
6. Go to the device, iPod, Music>Compilations and unfortunately, there is now nothing.
If U look back over my posts, U can see that I had one album appearing there before this action. Both of these albums in my library [media library on my hard drive] have the Compilation tag set to 1.  I deleted the mapping in iPod Manager, that was trying to set this tag. This is why I thought I need to do the "Load library" and "Rewrite Database"? Is there something else I need to do?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_playlist_organizer (aka foo_plorg)
Last post by Sira Vista -
Greetings NEMO7538!

Great plug-in & Thanks!

One question... could you please add an option to turn OFF auto-scrolling of the playlists?  Every time I have my mouse pointer above (or below) the playlist, it auto-scrolls up (or down) and this behavior is driving me nuts. 

Even if Foobar doesn't even have focus, this auto-scrolling will persist and can be really irritating.  I have to scroll and scroll back to where I was to select the next playlist.

A simple option to turn off auto-scrolling would be the best solution.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: De-emphasis components
Last post by mus1c1smyl1fe -
what it means is post processing rarely works unless marked loading as a dsp is mush simpler especially when the preset is used but be sure only use it on content you know needs it because it will per mentally alter the file
dont worry about anything just follow my  instructions

I do appreciate your comments. However, altering the file permanently really isn't what I want. I want the de-emphasis to be done on-the-fly. And given that, it seems that for now, I will have to accept one drawback or other: Either I use Mudlord's plugin as a postprocessor, in which case I will have to accept that the only way of stopping it from automatically de-emphasising all PE-tagged files is to uninstall it. (My problem with this is that sometimes I WANT to hear how a PE'ed recording sounds without de-emphasis treatment.) Or I use lvqcl's, in which case I will have to accept that it doesn't work with long file paths. That's why I would be very interested in an update for lvqcl's DSP plugin.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: no sound on Win10 for standard install
Last post by Case -
Have you checked the Windows volume mixer that foobar hasn't somehow gotten muted? With the default outputs the mixer should reflect the player's volume settings but perhaps the sync isn't working. You can find the volume mixer from the right click context menu of the speaker icon in notification area.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: no sound on Win10 for standard install
Last post by telephunke -
i just uninstalled again, making sure to select the option to remove settings. that didn't seem to make a difference upon reinstall.

the setting you suggested wasn't set to null output. it was on primary sound driver, then i tried it on a couple of different outputs (e.g. a USB mounted dac, the monitor, or just the pc speaker) with no success unfortunately.

have also tried changing the output in the taskbar in windows which doesn't do anything either.
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