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XLD - Drive Speed Control

Dear strangers,

Since I'm an XLD user (what a relief for an ex-iTunes user) I'm far more in control of what actually happens. A recent feature is the ability to manually adjust the drive speed control (Automatic; 1x; 2x; 4x; 6x; 8x; 10x; 12x; 16x). But first, let me briefly explain my situation: I am the owner of a decent collection of CD's (about 600 pcs) and I already set my mind on Apple Lossless. All the other settings are on max. However, I'm still not sure about this drive speed control. When I choose "Automatic", I do get a few errors now and then, in contrary to limiting the speed to 8x or 6x. After this big CD-collection-rip, I will sell all my CD's just because they're basically collecting dust. So it is a one-chance shot. Therefore I must ask you for your knowledge and/or experience with this situation.

What will be the best setting, which will guarantee the best possible quality?

I would undoubtedly appreciate an answer or two!

Belgium (Yes, those guys with the french fries and awesome beer)

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