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Opus / Re: What is the bitrate of your Opus files?
Last post by IgorC -
If you're fine with that bitrate you may as well just use a time domain subband codec like MusePack or hell, even MP2, and enjoy the perfect temporal resolution. Throwing more bits at a transform codec doesn't do much to fix their fundamental shortcomings beyond 192 kbps.
Is there any  recent blind test which  indicates superiority of MPC over other codecs?

I've found only these old tests:,36465.msg321547.html#msg321547

And  this old one

Scientific Discussion / Re: Wav volume changing FLAC sizes
Last post by DVDdoug -
I did an experiment in Audacity- Interesting results...

Original 0dB-normalized FLAC = 20,571 KB
-6dB FLAC = 18,648 KB
Re-boosted FLAC with default dither = 20,769 KB
Re-boosted FLAC with no dither = 20,667 KB

There was some "funny" rounding because when I re-boosted, Audacity would only allow me to boost by 5.999dB (unless I allowed clipping) so I boosted by 5.999.

And, I think  6dB is not an exact factor of two...   The calculator says it's not, but I don't know how much precision the calculator gives me with logs...  
Scientific Discussion / Re: Wav volume changing FLAC sizes
Last post by bmcelvan -
A better approach might be to create a 24-bit WAV, open in Audacity and amplify or normalize, then export to 16-bit FLAC.  That way you wouldn't have to guess the gain/amplification setting.
That's a good idea...the not having to guess about the gain part. The 24bit wav is what what I've been doing already. However since the 0dB outputted file is smaller anyway I think I'll stick with it and use a replaygain tag.

What I don't know is if the foo_input_sacd component creates a pcm file and then changes it's amplitude after the fact (like what I would be doing using Audacity), or if that +6dB option actually happens during the conversion itself thus making the 0dB and 6dB files actually different. Then it would make a difference whether to use it or not.
Audio Hardware / Re: Choosing the right amplifier (Rotel vs Primare)
Last post by ajinfla -
All well designed modern amplifiers are perfectly transparent
Should be. Barring evidence to the contrary.

there is no point to choose one or another.
Sure there is. It would depend on the load they are to drive, at what levels and things like price/power consumption and yes, looks matter too.
There are plenty speakers out there, new and old that can stress lesser amplifiers to where they might make a "sound".
Luckily, most popular brand speakers have relatively benign impedances, so it then becomes only a question of how loud.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Why the cd wav ripped by WMP can't match any result?
Last post by korth -
To check what TOC CUETools used for the RIP during verify, set 'Create TOC files' to 'True' on the 'Advanced' tab in settings. 'In source folder' also needs to be checked under 'Verify' on the 'AccurateRip' tab. This will create a filename.toc file in the source folder after you verify a RIP. You can open the file with a text editor such as notepad and compare that TOC to the TOC in the extraction log file from the EAC rip.
From my tests WMP leaves one sector off the end of the last track. This changes the length and CUETools cannot properly identify the CD. Any Track#1 pregap or data track info that existed would also be missing to identify the CD.
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