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Topic: Soundcloud & Youtube sound fine local playback has distortion/crackling (Read 245 times) previous topic - next topic
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Soundcloud & Youtube sound fine local playback has distortion/crackling

Hi all i really hope you can help me as this has ended up driving me nuts.

My problem is mainly with music files (it rarely happens with video), i have ripped my audio files lossless, such as flac/wav, and for a while now i keep hearing some distortions/crackling in what i believe them to be highs (it feels like its getting worse and worse, maybe its due to agging, i did take a medical checkup/hearing test nothing was found to be wrong with me), but when listening to music on youtube or soundcloud this doesn't happen. This happens to me with multiple PC setups and which i combined with multiple sound device & settings:

-i used the PC onboard audio of three different PC's (all in proper cases, not as a test benches, so ports where properly shielded/grounded)

-Xonar DG SI soundcard (on all PC's)

-external USB soundcard (on all PC's)

-Wireless headphones, that also had their own soundcard like device built into them  (on all PC's)

 And the same exact same thing happens, i here distortions/crackling durring certain segments of many of my favorite songs, irronically, here is one of the worst offenders were i hear distortions/crackling:

And here are the youtube and sound cloud versions of the song where i do not hear the annoying distortion/crackling (segment is at minute range of ~02:30-02:47):

This also does not happen when listening to music (again flac/wav) from any of my android phones, so my guess is that it has something to do with audio compression, but i tried replicating the compression with both audacity and foobar2000 and without much success, the closest i got was using foobar2k to compress to ogg 128kbps, but with mp3, opus and aac i never got even close to eliminate that irritating distortion crackle as those high frequencies (that's what i suspect they are) especially seem to be still present.

Can ayone please help me replicate those compressions. This is my last hope as this whole thing is driving me nutts...