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Opus / Re: Suggestion for a simple psychoacoustic improvement: transient bit-boost.
Last post by Photon -
Interesting, thanks for the detailed reply!

You want to look at the celt/celt_encoder.c file. The transient_analysis() function returns 1 when the current frame is a transient and 0 otherwise. It also computes an estimate how how "strong" the transient is, which it returns in tf_estimate. That value gets used in compute_vbr() to boost the bitrate. To change the behaviour, you'd have to change the value of that estimate, and then update tf_calibration so that the average bitrate doesn't change.
I'm not a programmer so I'm a little stuck on where to make the change to the value in question (lets say I want to double it, for simplicity). I have celt_encoder.c open and there are 22 mentions of "tf_estimate" in the code (including in the comments, so I know to ignore those). If it's not too much trouble, could you point me to the line and the numbers I need to change? (I'm looking at line 400 as potentially the one I need to edit, but I'm just guessing).
Audio Hardware / Re: Help me build my first serious music (stereo) system
Last post by LazyBorzoi -
2) Second suggestion--check your ears.  This is a common insult among the audiophool crowd, but the reality is that anyone my age (mid-50s) that thinks their ears are still golden is either delusional or exceptional.  Exceptionally delusional, that is.  Between military service and too much Van Halen, my ears are a bit ragged and roll off over 8kHz.  At 10kHz and up I can't hear anything at any volume below painful.  However, while that isn't a really a problem, certain midrange frequencies will sound like broken glass in a garbage disposal if they go over a certain volume.  Your statement that you avoid loud volumes because your ears are sensitive leads me to think  you may have a similar issue.  So you can see what it is that your ears are sensitive to by running the tone sweep tests at the links I provided.  Run them at a volume somewhat higher than your normal listening level to find your upper hearing limit and see if any points sound exceptionally harsh.  If  you find a point that irritates your ears, recruit a test subject to listen and see if they hear the same harshness.

Thank you so much for your input and a special thank you for those links. I actually never conducted tests like these so it was all very useful.
I learned that I pass the mosquito test (17.4 kHz) at my regular listening volume level and can still hear 18 kHz but it's a lot quieter. And I cannot hear 19 kHz and above.
17 kHz was somewhat hurtful to my ears whereas 18 kHz did not. I guess that's where my sensitivity really rolls off - at 18 kHz...

P.S. I will try implementing your other suggestions a little later.
CD Hardware/Software / EAC ripped my CD but I can't see the folder
Last post by realsmart987 -
I'm sorry if this was already posted.  I can't find it on Google.

I ripped a CD and it shows as finished in EAC, but if I go to the Music folder through the Windows Start Menu it isn't there.  I tried creating the folder manually but Windows stopped me because it said there was already a folder with the same name.  Some other post said it might be hidden so I enabled "show hidden folders" in File Explorer.  Still nothing.

The EAC version I used is "V1.3 From 2. September 2016"
My Windows 10 build number (if it matters) is build 17134.

Maybe it's because the album is from 1998 and something changed since then.  If there isn't a reply by the time I get home from work I'll try ripping a newer CD and post the results here.  I know the problem is at least not DRM-related.
General Audio / Re: Fake 24-bit FLAC?
Last post by Case -
You seem to have some fundamental problem understanding what lossless means. It means the decoded file will be identical to the original source and FLAC very much is lossless.
Opus / Re: Opus gapless and glitchness encoding
Last post by Case -
The click is present only in the right channel so you aren't hallucinating. And just to be clear, foobar2000 isn't introducing the glitch. It's even louder when the files are decoded with opusdec.
General Audio / Re: Fake 24-bit FLAC?
Last post by dragut -
how about FLAC then? :)) Some writing about FLAC as it is raw PCM format with guaranteed quality (means FLAC = Lossless --> so file there is perfect).

According to FLAC's developers, FLAC is the fastest losless compressor for WAV, like 7z for any other files. With flac.exe you can compress/decompress any WAV file. Finally, the raw data that matter for audio players remain "untouched", only metadata may differ at some point, but this doesn't matter. The woodoo science people think FLAC is an audio encoder because many players decompress-and-run FLAC's formats on-the-fly.
Agree.. Flac is probably the best but it is not "lossless" music file :) Without Flac, you can do everything you want. But, without MLP for example, you can't create many DVD-Audio discs when total bitrate really matter...
MP3 / Re: best mp3 encoder with something better than a command line interface?
Last post by saratoga -
I think I was misunderstood... Excuse my french, but I am not a native english speaker. The improvement of the .mp3 encoded with the modified psy extended settings must be compared with the .mp3 encoded with the default settings (filters ON, no other psy settings only the default,...).

At the bitrates you are using it won't be possible to have an improvement generally, so that won't work.  Instead, you start with a sample where you can reliably detect a difference and then make adjustments until you cannot.  Then you compare the encode you make to the original and try to show that it is now transparent.

My goal is to tweak the lame settings, psy included, to obtain a mp3 file as close as possible with the original WAV, so that they can not feel any difference in ABX tests.

At the bitrates you are using it is very unlikely you'll find many files with a difference that is detectable.  Do you actually have one? 
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: De-emphasis components
Last post by MJmusicguy -
 use instead put your cd in. File, Open Audio Cd, it should find your drive, hit Rip, A dialog box comes up, you can use any of the databases for the track listing, now hit the button "Proceed to the converter set up dialog"
Now another box comes up, in the left box it has your saved presets, if any just delete them all, we'll start from scratch, on the right hand side you can choose output format, pick whatever suits you, now click on 'processing' another box appears, check the box in the upper left, now in the right hand box you will see a box filled with different filters and such, scroll till you find IIR Filter, highlight it and click the arrow so it goes into the Active DSP box, now highlight that and click on 'configure selected' there will be a dropbox, select 'CD-De-emphasis" click ok, now you can go 'Back' now you "Save' that preset, and it should show in the left hand box "Saved Presets", I just named mine 'pre' , now hit the 'convert' button, a file destination folder will pop up, so just direct it where you want the files (songs) to go. a 'converter' box will pop up adding the new EQ while it's ripping the disc :)
Now whenever you have another disc with pre, after you hit 'Rip' you now have a choice of using the preset
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