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The only problem I had was that configuring it as I wanted crashed on some steps.
What I did was configure it as I want on a windows machine, then copy the settings.txt to my linux one.

Do you know where I find this settings.txt file? I have CUETools running in an XP VM. I would love to not have to use a VM to run CUETools, it's the only WIndows program I use. Thanks!
Audio Hardware / Re: Crown amplifiers for home audio?
Last post by jsrtheta -
If you run it balanced, then it will generally have lower noise. Most home audio runs unbalanced, though. And it's not a problem. Who complains about the noise their AVR, say, puts out?

So, if you can run it balanced, great. If not, run it the way millions of humans do - unbalanced.
Opus / Re: Is Opus ready for plex/streaming software?
Last post by Nott -
Chromecast (all models with up to date firmware) has excellent native Opus support, including multi-channel. There's a bug with h264-with-b-frame/Opus causing stutter but it will be fixed in a firmware update.

Nice, that's good to know. Do you notice any issues when streaming to something that has to transcode the audio to other format? I guess that can't be worse than transcoding other lossy codecs right?
Versions: 1.3.17 and 1.4b3
Problem: Joining multiple tracks corrupts track lengths in high sample rates

When multiple 96/24 files are merged with "Generate multi-track files" option from the internal converter module, the sample lengths of the tracks are not preserved. The conversion is a FLAC-to-FLAC (v1.3.2) conversion.


The highlighted tracks are from the merged file. With the faulty conversion, some of the tracks (2, 4, 6) now have longer lengths, and some of the tracks (1, 3, 5) now have shorter lengths.

There should be no change.

Because FLAC stores the track offsets as sample numbers, I think this could be related to fb2k writing the cuesheet in CD-DA compatible format (min:sec:frametime), rather than the FLAC itself.
Audio Hardware / Re: Crown amplifiers for home audio?
Last post by JFS -
As far as input sensitivity goes, for the XLS series it is 0.775 or 1.4 volts RMS for full output. Connecting an unbalanced input cuts that in half, so the 0.775 volt setting is the one to use, and it gives you an actual 1.5 volt sensitivity which is pretty common for consumer amps. IOW, no problems expected on this front.
Just want to confirm that I understand. Using the unbalanced connections with the .775 setting; will that lower the S/N ratio?; If this is so will it be a problem for hiss?
Audio Hardware / Re: Crown amplifiers for home audio?
Last post by JFS -
And, I'm pretty sure you'll have plenty of power to rattle your walls and damage your hearing... and blow your speakers :D (unless you also have pro/PA speakers).

I'm not sure what I will get for speakers at this point. The ones I have need to be replaced. Probably 100W would be enough, but I like the price and that it puts power into 4 ohms.

Why would home speakers be a problem?
Off-Topic / Greetings
Last post by Ardacer -
Hello everyone. I tried to find a new members thread or something, but couldn't, sorry. Thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm a science, audio, physics, high voltage enthusiast. I diy amps and speakers, own a solid headphone collection, and make speaker measurements.  I'm a physician by profession, from Europe, Croatia.

Basically, I'm so happy to have found an objectively oriented forum. Someone on SBAF told me to go here after my views were deemed too objective, and I was deemed uninformed (to say the least). It was my mistake to try anything there. Still it seems as a fun place. I also sometimes post on LTT and reddit.

Looking forward to enjoying free (objective) air.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v1.4 beta 2 DSP manager.
Last post by Mturner -
In v1.4 beta 3, the dsp's seems to be working fine. Just can't figure out how to move them around in the order I want.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: OpenMPT Module Decoder
Last post by kode54 -
Apparently, it would have been an amicable form of cooperation if I had kindly asked first and waited a few months to release anything with their blessing. I also have a friend who doesn't even know that I marked foo_dumb as obsolete on the components repository, so he doesn't know that every component update will attempt to delete it from his system, nor does he know why I did that.

It makes me think that I'm a hypocrite, because I want to tell others what software they can use on their systems, but not have others do the same to me.
It uses a bit of lookahead, and tries to keep the volume level from getting too loud, or staying too quiet for too long. It doesn't compress dynamics in a rapid fashion, though, or in a multi-band equalizer sort of way, either.