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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Option buttons - problem
Last post by Simon_ Thunder -
I wanted to add a new shortcut to my button bar, in this case "Quick convert panel"

Unfortunately, the button does not start an option. The same option available from the context menu works fine

Can you check if this is a bug in the program ?

foobar2000 v1.4 beta 11
Windows 8.1 Pro

First! You must create your conversion preset eg Mp3 VBR 192 kbps and save the preset! 
Second - or create shortcut for last used preset and this thing start working.
AAC / Where to download FDK AAC for foobar2k/windows?
Last post by MetaPixel -
I'm trying to fit music into an old phone with low space, and it seems that HE-AACv2 and Opus are the best candidates.
I'm new to encoding aac, so I searched a lot and didn't find the fdk aac encoder for windows, just a lot of source code for android.
Also, I know there are other aac encoders like nero and apple but I want to stick to something free/open source.
General A/V / Re: High resolution audio - lowest audio setup?
Last post by Phanton_13 -
Your comparison was either not blind, or totally incorrect.
Bit depth conversion can't alter the amount of punch[es] at all, even in theory, even if done in worst possible way.
I'd suggest testing 24 bit record against itself converted to 16 bits. Not against some other record which could be made from something else entirely — that would make the test incorrect.
It was not a personal comparison and was properly done, in it participated 20 person at 5 songs per day during two weeks with the same equipment, all the 16 bit versions where converted from the 24 bit masters with the level matched, also this both songs with anomalies where not from a commercial record but where direct orchestral records and nearly unprocessed (the only processing was the bit depth and sample rate conversion needed for the test) and for a clarification the where only 5 persons that heard the differences and not all heard the difference in both samples. This two outliers where special, we don't know the reason but there where suspicions that the one with more punch it was not level matched properly due to impulse behaviour in the resampler, in the other is that the near silent part was possibly below the noise level of 16 bit audio due to the conversion, an for the purpose of the comparison they where treated as statistical anomalies.

PD. I don't know if punch was the correct word as I'm not a native English speaker and the sensation that i had is hard to describe for me.

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Option buttons - problem
Last post by musicmusic -
I found a bug (in the Columns UI buttons toolbar) – the 'Active selection' item group does not work when a track is playing. Not sure if it is the specific bug you are experiencing, but it will be fixed for the next version.
General Music Discussion / Re: Can remastered CDs sound too different and modernized?
Last post by magicgoose -
at least one that was previously released with the same dynamic range
That's specifically what I am excluding.
I were talking about the albums which were previously NOT available with the same DR.
I did not deny that a part of these series are nothing new, but some are something new.
Or at least I could not find any mentions on the Web that these 2 albums
Carcass — Swansong
At the Gates — Slaughter of the Soul
were already available in full DR before they were re-released with "FDR" mark. (If I search these two on the DR database, there aren't any normal versions before "FDR").
If you read it carefully I never explicitly mentioned other releases under "FDR" mark as being an improvement — indeed some of them are nothing new.

…without checking whether the "other" had any such processing
By the way, it's quite easy for the albums released before 1993: nobody was doing such extreme DR compression before that year. So, for example, I can tell even without listening/looking that "FDR" re-release of was pointless.
General Audio / Song Previewer and Playlist Info
Last post by Diwedd -

I am a relatively new user of Foobar2000, so still finding my way around it.  I have the standard set up i.e not using any custom skins or interfaces. 

I would like to know if someone knows if it is possible to preview any songs.  I would like a component/plugin where a specific set time is used to preview a song. e.g. play only the first 45 seconds of each track on a playlist. 

Also, I have several playlists.  I would like to know if there is a way to get info about the playlists. i.e. total number of tracks on the playlist, length of playlist etc. 

Many thanks
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Option buttons - problem
Last post by Tropoje -
Did you remember to have some file(s) selected when you clicked the button? A context command requires a context to run on.
Yes I know about it.
Put a song or songs in your Foobar2000 Playlist pane. Drag and drop from a folder you have of songs. Highlight a song or songs in the Playlist and right click with your mouse pointer over them. Select: Convert. Now either choose Quick Convert (This assumes that you have already setup the conversion options to your liking) or select: ... This opens the Converter Setup dialog......
Unfortunately, I do not know what the problem is that despite the correct configuration, the panel does not appear  :'(
Support - (fb2k) / 1.4b11 bug - can't rename folders contained in ML
Last post by EpicForever -
I encountered very annoying bug in 1.4b11. It is related to folder/directory operations performed from Windows Explorer on subdirectories of foobar's Media Library. I tested it and problem for sure does not occur in latest stable version, 1.3.17.

So what is wrong:
I can't rename directories in Explorer, if they contain any subdirectory.
Let's assume I have a folder in ML - M:\Music. It has 2x subdirectories: M:\Music\Artist1 and M:\Music\Artist2. Artist1 has 2x further subdirectories - Album1 and Album2. Artist2 contains only floating music files. The problem is that while I can rename "Artist2" directory to let's say "Artist2-xyz", I can't rename "Artist1" at all. But I can rename "Album1" subdirectory to let's say "Album1 - bad music", similarly to "Album2" subdirectory. However, if I create "Disc 1" and "Disc 2" subdirectories in "Album1" (or Album2 - doesn't matter), then I would be unable to further change its name to "Album1 - bad album" or any other.
When I check hooks using Unlocker 1.9.2 it shows that foobar 1.4 b11 locks any directory that contains subdirectories. Foobar 1.3.17 locked only top directories added to ML (which was understandable).
General Music Discussion / Re: Can remastered CDs sound too different and modernized?
Last post by Porcus -
some albums labeled as "FDR" (that's full dynamic range), when they were previously released only with a lot of compression:
Carcass — Swansong
At the Gates — Slaughter of the Soul
(for all of the above I ignored releases on non-digital mediums, of course)

Earache's "full dynamic range" series, well ... not all have higher DR. I have not scrutinized it, but I found that both Bandcamp downloads of Sleep's Holy Mountain have a DR of 13, which is the same as my 1992 CD.
So they have a "full dynamic range" remaster with no higher dynamic range ...
That's why I added "when they were previously released only with a lot of compression".
Of course some of them had no problem to begin with.

That is the wrong part. Even at least one that was previously released with the same dynamic range now is for sale in two editions from the same outlet: a DR 13 edition, and a "full dynamic range" with a DR of ... 13.

I would make the hunch that they just went back to all their files and did a "flat" transfer without any limiting, and without checking whether the "other" had any such processing, but arguably it looks a bit like audiophoolery.
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