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Yes, I usually have my own travel wifi router, so I know how to set things up for chromecast, even when the hotel's wifi is tricky.

I'm not aware of any bluetooth APX speaker that can be wirelessly paired.  Please let me know if anyone knows of one.

OK. I don't know of a speaker that gives you both aptX and wireless pairing. It seems to be one or the other. Other than the flip 3 example, Creative Soundblaster Roar speakers use bluetooth for input but you can connect two of them by cable for stereo. They use aptX.

Up to you which is the most important requirement. I don't know if you have already done this, but I recommend you test whether aptX provides you with an audible benefit with the type of application you have in mind.  You may be surprised. This video gives you an easy way to download some files to compare, hope its ok to link to it here:

Hi again!  I have been doing research since my last post.  A few updates:

1. The clavinetjunkie youtube video double blind test is misleading.  I have been corresponding with the poster with the hopes that he sets things straight, specifically that the non-aptx files he is sharing are almost certainly using the high quality profile of sbc, not the medium profile that most people actually experience.
2. I have found a bluetooth speaker that does both aptx and wireless pairing, the Beoplay S3.  However, it has no battery, so must be plugged in via AC power.  That is actually a plus for me.  I just got a pair and will post once I got a chance to give a good listen.

In the content tab of properties, only title is populated. Windows explorer (Details pane) isn't able to edit the tags without throwing an error, however, I can't get it to edit m4a files that are in the music library either.
MP3 / Re: An app for mp3 conversion
Last post by Featureprod -
Hi I'm Gustavo Woltmann and I work here in a publishers office. I want to ask regarding an app for converting mp3 recommended for android users? What is the best app so far?
Did you ever try out MP3 Compressor? It is totally free and i have used it for months. I think the compression ratio is more than 50% as far as I have noticed.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Monitoring the audio buffer
Last post by tedsmith -
I'd disable the network driver or turn off the network hardware just to narrow things down.
As was mentioned and if you haven't, explore setting foobar2000's buffering for more time.
If your audio hardware supports it, try using some other output driver in foobar2000, e.g. WASAPI, ASIO, Kernel Streaming.  They each have their own options dealing with things like interrupt priority, hardware audio buffer size, etc. that may help.
It's up to the OP now to say whether such pedantry is what he's interested in.
That would seem rather hopeless since he also tosses around the concept of audibility in a willy nilly fashion...
Only respond if you perceive/believe there is a difference
People who think that there is an audible difference between DACs is the only demographic which I am interested in for this poll.
This is not a poll aimed at people interested in audio on the whole, just to people who believe there is a difference.
Also, If I were trying to get an answer as to if there is a difference or not, asking random people on the internet is certainly not the way to go about it.
Yet, that's exactly what he's doing.
As you all know there are far far better and objective ways of determining that.
We all know?!? I wouldn't be so sure of that.
I am fully aware that looking at measurements there should be no difference between any reasonably designed (and they don't deliberately have high distortion) [...] Also, I am aware in ABX tests DACs do not fare well, as the measurements say they should.
At least someone here begs to differ.
As part of what I am doing I will conduct an ABX test (a proper ABX, not just a blind test) with several people between DACs.
I'm not holding my breath.

General - (fb2k) / Re: Monitoring the audio buffer
Last post by Cutter -
Here are the Latency tests (ran while the hard drive was under load).
Where should I go from here? My network drivers were up to date, so I've downgraded them just check the problem wasn't introduced by the newer drivers, but the problem persists.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Run Command
Last post by laddie -
I can't get the command prompt to run anything under "Sort" in the Edit menu -- I want to set Foobar to run the randomize command and it doesn't actually do what it's supposed to...

foobar2000.exe /runcmd="Edit/Sort/Randomize"


In console, this is the error I get:
runcmd: Resolving main menu command: Edit/Sort/Randomize
No available command found

Any ideas?
General Audio / Re: Faild load foo_dsp_midside
Last post by snilax -
Hallo Case!

Thanks very much for the link. Now foobar in a new light. But the Mideside Plugin is not for me. All music plays at the left side.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by Takaji -
I think gaps around non square images look bad on the case background?? Still, I suppose I can restore the option to let people choose.

Well, it definitely is not realistic for a tall, rectangular cover to sit inside a CD jewel case tray, but for the few releases I have with album art in that format, it doesn't bother me - seeing the entire album art is a higher priority.

Thanks for the commit! :)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by jazzthieve -
@WilB I like how you added top tags, similar artists and top albums to the bio a few versions back. A question, I'm sure the LFM api also provides overall playcounts (not the personal user playcount)  and amount of listeners stats. Could you include those as well? Perhaps with a switch in biography.ini for those who don't prefer seeing that information?