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I have a pair of M40s and a pair of M50s that I paid about $110 for back before they started trending.  I don't see any reason why I would replace either, especially given that I have Neutralizer for my Android devices and Peace/APO for my PC's.
You mean you have an M40X and an M50X? or you mean you have an M40 and an M50? The M40X is 100 dollars, the M50X is 150. The M50 (non X) is also 150. Do you think is worth the increase? (50% more expensive?)
I always thought you paid more for MQA so the little light would turn on.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: LAME input bitdepth
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A good question. I have no idea. Not that I really need it, because I don't encode CDs with tracks that run together very often, and if I do I tend to make my own fades/gaps because my audio player spends it's life in random mode. I'll try to confirm if ffmpeg does save gapless info or not though and I'll report back.
Medium experience? a phone that can communicate with the dead?
Best post in the entire discussion; by far.
Medium experience? a phone that can communicate with the dead?
Validated News / Re: Downtime
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Now on the new server...
Found another cue-file with weird characters in the titles. Opening it in NoteTab, and exporting it to a Unicode cue-file had the desired effect.

Thanks goes to Korth and Garathor for their assistance
Medium experience, what does that mean?
Notepad++ can do it. First just try adding a BOM, see if that works (Encoding > Convert to UTF-8-BOM).


BOM= Bill of Materials?

I use NoteTab Pro, which can export to UTF-8. For the moment, I have run out of cue-files with weird characters, though. :)