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I've seen that the Etymotic EK5 measures incredibly well for the price, and is light, and, well, Etymotic...

Check the measurement at innerfidelity.

Can't comment on subjective sound, didn't hear them, but plan on getting one to examine them.
Foobar2000 VST 2.4 adapter,84947.0.html

EDIT: It would appear that VST support is a little buggy.

General - (fb2k) / Re: My Foobar screenshot
Last post by klepetox -
My layout is for wide displays, placed by the side.

What is Electri-Q? (discontinued)


They have great plugin for foobar2000 (image above)
Inside the plugin, they have presets in .e-q extension text files.

My problem:
I bought headphones, which out the box sounds very poor.
But I found a graph and a preset for Electri-Q which is correct sound very good.
Here is example of what type of files am I talk:!4lgH0SAS!G9G-BbdHE4Kc9c9usyTlJaohNIXo7A85EQzYx0odC9c

So, I can listen to music only in the foobar with the imported preset which is correct sound in headphones.
How can I apply equalizer effect (from the link above) to the systemwide? I tried to manually configure equalizer by settings in the .e-q file, but the sound different...

For what do I need it?
To have the corrected by theplugin sound in the browser, and so on.
To create multi-track files files and preserve exact tracks lengths you can do it several ways:
1) Re-encode flac to flac in oga container and merge with command copy /b. Although flac in oga doesn't support embedded pictures
2) Re-encode to ALAC in m4a container with chapters
3) Merge flac files to mka with chapters
Yes, I should’ve put that more clearly. It is not a bug case since they are not a CD rip, and altering the cuesheet format without preserving the existing one would break the backward compatibility.
The tag is malformed, title field isn't UTF-8 encoded as the specs require. If you enter the title in foobar2000 it will get properly written to the file.
Audio Hardware / Re: Crown amplifiers for home audio?
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Why would home speakers be a problem?
There's NO PROBLEM!    You were concerned about the way they measured amplifier power and my point was that you'll have more power than you'll ever need.

...It could be a problem if you have teenagers, or someone drunk at a party turning-up the volume control.
Like vlevel? I used it and I remember it was working fine.. . Should we recommend vlevel to hakadespra?