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Newbie question

Can someone explain in layman’s terms what a Cue Sheet is? I’m trying to have a better understanding of the process before I start ripping CDs.

Re: Newbie question

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Personally I don't bother with the cue sheet stuff as it seems like overkill.

since this is in the FLAC part of the forums... just make your FLAC files (with Exact Audio Copy etc) and then you can keep those for archiving and then if you need to re-rip to a lossy audio format (MP3/AAC etc) it's pretty easy with the FLAC files using Foobar2000. basically one i got the FLAC files i pretty much do all my audio conversion using Foobar2000. like to rip a full audio CD using Foobar2000 from FLAC to say MP3 or AAC takes roughly 1min tops (this varies based on CPU power, but that's should be a ball park figure).

on a side note... Foobar2000 works with cue sheets.
For music (especially on-the-go)...
-I suggest Opus @ 96kbps (or... 64kbps minimum, 128kbps maximum). *preferred choice*
-I suggest AAC(Apple) @ 96kbps (q45 TVBR) or 128kbps (q64 TVBR). *secondary choice*
-I use Foobar2000 (/w Encoders Pack etc) to convert FLAC to Opus/AAC(Apple).

Re: Newbie question

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I've only used cue sheets for making CDs.    It's particularly useful for placing the track markers when you've got a single WAV file.     i.e. It's a great way of making a "live" CD with no gaps between songs.

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