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Listening Tests / Re: Invite: MQA Core vs. Hi-Res Blind Test
Last post by eahm -
"MQA is providing similar fidelity to PCM at lower data rates/file sizes." every other lossless compressed codec?

Still though, similar, how are people not getting lossless?

I keep checking those other forums but this is the only one I like.
Eh, I kind of like it that long loading up all the way but in truth, I don't use that one, my config has like 4-6 settings, that one was made for few friends and relatives but other liked it so I kept adding. You do what you think it's best.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by marc2003 -
Even though it might break for a handful of users, I've decided to go ahead and stick the latest version on the official components site.

If people really are stuck on Vista/7 which they cannot upgrade to IE9 or are using WINE, they can safely downgrade to v1.2.4 which is still available on github.
Listening Tests / Re: Invite: MQA Core vs. Hi-Res Blind Test
Last post by Wombat -
Read carefully. MQA based on most recent neuroscience and its revolutionary design sounds indistinguishable from the full HIGH Resolution files packed into a tiny file.
Archimago just proved how well the deblurring works!
It's a revolution!

Even the most critical experts like our member amirm welcomes the results:
That amirm lately mentioned to be a fellow of BS can't be a reason he is deliberately ingenuous with MQA.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by Jailhouse -
You've already posted in a previous discussion about how it isn't possible...  ;D
I couldn't have posted about how it's not possible because that's over my head. I did read the posts--then forgot all the technical explanations, retaining only that you and TheQuertiest were using Windows 8.1 and 7, respectively, and somehow concluding that it might be possible when you could test it. Sometimes, it's hell getting old.

I guess you could code in ES6 and transpile it with something like babel?
Or, to paraphrase myself, I can code JScript Panel in ES5 and like it. :)
The true benefits of MQA can't be realized in short term tests like these. It requires long term relaxed listening to flesh out the lower fatigue and less digititis in MQA vs non-MQA digital streaming.
50-80yr old men will experience far less or no hot flashes and menstrual cramps associated with non-MQA smeared digital long term listening.
Opus / Re: Opus 1.1.3
Last post by soundping -
Any update to Opus 1.1.3
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by ADDVOiCE -
can you help me (I do not find, I am a weak f2k user)....

How can I do that, so that information about the artist is taken from the field ALBUM ARTIST (not from ARTIST)?
OK, loading up your converter config was an interesting experience.

How about just not showing saved presets in the right click menu when their amount exceeds 20 or so? Then you go straight to the properly scrollable view by using "..." command.

I'm also making other adjustments to make working with extremely long preset lists less tedious.
Anyway I actually think foobar's volume step setting should be like of this component cause this component has more accurate volume slider.
For example when slider is in the middle it actually sounds like half of maximum volume unlike foobar's slider.