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General - (fb2k) / Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates
Last post by AndreaT -
Hello Foobar Dev Team,
months ago, and even years ago, I was asking to have direct VST (2 and 3 now) support integrated into Foobar.

Now I believe this "option" to be obsolete and a new smarter approach would look better.
As already implemented in products like VB-Audio Voicemeeter, Banana and Potato, a set of virtual ASIO / AUDIO IN and OUT would provide an even more flexible and future proof solution.

As well described here
This kind of Virtual Audio I/O allows to loop in any decent DAW, offering so an unlimited audio elaboration capacity.

And, concluding, I believe also that for you, Foobar Dev Team, this would be something very simple, you just have to implement a set of virtual interfaces, not a VST hosting platform with all its audio routing engine and so on.

What do you think about?

All the best for the coming soon Foobar V2 and kind regards,
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_random_pools
Last post by AndreaT -
Hello, I am sorry but I do not understand how to use this component (how to have it working).
Is there a step-by-step instruction document for the absolute beginners?
I am not a SQL expert, nor a programmer... just a regular music listener.
Thanks and regards, Andrea
foobar2000 mobile / I love the app, but adding music to a playlist is for scientists....
Last post by lknight -
I love the foobar app for android, but when i want to add music to an existing playlist, foobar is useless. :/ How come it is not as easy as to just have a "Add song"-button, you browse/search for a song on your phone and then add it to the list?! Why it must be so advanced..? I still do not know how to add a single track to my playlist without adding an entire folder....

Any chance that you can simplify that like described? SOOO much easier for us non-technical noobs. Otherwise, it's an awesome app, for sure!
FLAC / Re: FLAC decoder testbench
Last post by ktf -
Not completely true though, seems that files 26, 27 and 55 differ. (26 and 27 are not bit-identical files, but same size. 55 is different size.)
I already forgot about those. Yes, there were some minor corrections. See for details.

I should have put forth the point: could one merely test 60 to 63?
Yes, I don't think the changes to files 26, 27 and 55 should cause any decoder to fail them where they didn't fail before. The reverse is the case though, as explained in the PR linked above, one player complained about this that weren't strictly according to spec.
Support - (fb2k) / Double Click in Library View, Play without adding to a playlist?
Last post by jasonmbrown -
Basically I just want to double click a song in my library view as if it were a playlist? (Alternatively I guess I can just make it a separate Playlist window but is it possible to have a play list organized like the library view where its sorted by artist? Also need it to auto update when new files are added into one of its folders?

Im not sure how my fb2k setup before, I might have just been using a playlist that had all my cue files loaded into it. But I remember just double clicking to play what ever song. Didnt need to add it to a playlist.
Off-Topic / Vangelis Dead At 79
Last post by soundping -
Vangelis, the Oscar-winning composer best known for the synth-heavy scores for Chariots Of Fire and Blade Runner, has died. His representatives confirmed to The Guardian that he died in a hospital in France where he was being treated for an unnamed ailment. He was 79.

Born Evángelos Papathanassíou in the Greek coastal town of Agria, Vangelis was raised in Athens, where he took to music as early as age 4. Although his parents enrolled him in lessons after noticing his talent, those didn’t take, and he came to believe scholastic music programs impede creativity. In 1963, at age 20, he formed the rock band Forminx and scored his first film, My Brother, The Traffic Policeman. He began doing the music for several other Greek movies throughout the ’60s. He fled the country in 1968 after a military coup and settled in Paris, forming a new band called Aphrodite’s Child with other Greek expats. They immediately found some measure of success with their single “Rain And Tears” and maintained a fruitful career around Europe until breaking up in 1971 while working on 666, a conceptual double album inspired by the book of Revelation.