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Re: Opus Patent Pool

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There are currently 1 or more patent lawsuits going on about these 3 patents:


I don't know whether the patent owners are suing a company for violating their patents or whether someone is trying to invalidate these patents in court. 1 patent is owned by voiceage, the other 2 by fraunhofer.

Re: Opus Patent Pool

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i looked up the US patents and 2 of them are currently involved a lawsuit. I have also added their expiry dates from google patents.

US7447631 - 2024-10-07
US7516064 - 2026-01-30 lawsuit
US8195454 - 2029-03-28
US8296159 - 2029-06-23
US7873511 - 2029-11-18
US10229696 - 2030-08-23
US9082395 - 2031-07-23 lawsuit
US9224403 - 2032-02-04
US8892449 - 2032-02-10
US9111530 - 2032-02-29
US9100768 - 2032-04-04
US8457975 - 2032-04-05
US20130226570 - 2033-06-10
US9589571 - 2033-07-19
US11081117 - 2033-07-19
US10026408 - 2034-05-23