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General Audio / Removing Spaces or Gaps between Tracks
Last post by boweasel -
Brand new to the forum and although I read the caveats about not tossing all questions here, I really don't know where else it would go...
I belong to several music forums and download a fair amount of music.  I've been using an audio editing tool called Wave Editor for years and have been quite happy with it, aside from the following:
Some recordings I've downloaded have tracks that blend from one to another.  On some (but not all) recordings of this sort there is an audible space or gap between those tracks when I play the folder using WinAmp or WMPlayer.  The gap might be little more than .25 seconds at the beginning and/or end of the track.  If I burn the recording to a CD, those 'spaces' ruin the flow of the music.
When I edit these recording with Wave Editor I can remove those spaces, but as soon as I save the edited track I can see its length revert to its pre-edited length.  I can combine the tracks, remove the spaces and save the combined track, which then plays perfectly on WinAmp, WMPlayer and when burnt to a CD.  Of course this removes the ability to hop from one track to another, no big deal unless I'm playing it through my car's CD player.  The same problem occurs if I copy the music folder to a USB stick.
Strangely enough, if I use another editor - Audacity (which I find somewhat cumbersome) I can remove those spaces, save the track and all is good.  No gaps on any playback.  But if re-edit the track with Wave Editor, say removing an unfortunate bit of yodeling somewhere in the middle of the song, and save it, the gaps are back.
Can anybody explain any of this? 
General - (fb2k) / Re: Checking if Embedded Artwork is present
Last post by stevehero -
Getting the $info(tagsize) and $info(coversize) would be great additions to add to columns.

As people may know. You might have no artwork embedded in a FLAC. But the padding i.e. the %_tag_size% will still be bloated with the old image size.
Would be good to see those in a column quickly.

Cheers devs.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Secret Rabbit Code resampler
Last post by TuNk77 -
I don't see anything wrong in the foo_dsp_nogaps source. It never sends empty audio chunks out. Also I have tried my best to replicate the error but I fail.
But if it's only Rabbit resampler erroring out I can add more checks against invalid audio chunks. Can you see if everything works properly with the attached version?

That fixed it, thank you very much :)
General - (fb2k) / Re: Post-crash playback error
Last post by Simon_ Thunder -
I always tag new music before moving the files to the indexed library directory. I have a special "upload" playlist that I use for uploading non indexed music and I usually listen to it while tagging. Since I have my preferences set to resume playback on start-up, if by chance foobar2000 crashes after I moved the content of the upload playlist and before saving configuration, foobar2000 will get stuck forever on the next startup, stubbornly trying to play files that have been moved. There is no way to stop playback in this event, because foobar2000 becomes totally unresponsive. The only way I can exit this loop is by painfully bringing back to its previous location the playing file, which often means a whole artist-album folder and subfolder structure (provided folder names have not been changed in the meantime), stop playback and erase the upload playlist content before moving the file again to its final destination in the indexed library.
Is there a way to prevent this, other than changing the resume playback option in the preferences?
Is it possible, for example, to tell foobar2000 it should stop playback if the file is not found?

Actually this happens also without foobar2000 crashing, if I simply forget to erase the playlist after moving the files and distractedly try to play it.
You also can configure your plugin foo.scheduler for avoid crash of F2K, and F2K just going to skip the dead tracks in your playlist
Its look like this:
Event list: Add player event - On playback start - ok - re-enable event
Action lists: Add - Remove dead items (name)
Right mouse click - Add action  Launch application - (add command) foobar2000.exe /command: "Remove dead items"
Right mouse click  - Add action - Start playback
Then you go to Event list (right click mouse) - Assign action list - Select - Remove dead items - Apply - Ok
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