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CD Hardware/Software / Re: Create cue sheet from EAC log
Last post by greynol -
Pardon me for assuming this means you don't have an answer to my question about whether pregap information is needed in order to play CDs in your car.  No worries, though; you have an out*.

Now that we got that sorted I think starting a new topic requesting that cuetools be able to incorporate pregap information from a log file into a cuesheet would be a good next step. What to do about the possibility that the times are in decimal should be part of that discussion.

As for this topic, CUETools doesn't work for your purposes.  *CD playback behavior or anything else like mining for titles that make use of pregaps for "creative" means, or otherwise, are off-topic in this discussion.

If there is any question as to what is on-topic, take the title of the discussion as a guideline.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by kode54 -
Neither foo_dumb nor foo_openmpt54 set long metadata on the dynamic track info, only possibly on the static metadata collected on track open.

I have considered making a minor patch to the subsong detection, to avoid listing subsongs that don't start on row 0 of a pattern, since this library indexes those, but that's another topic.

E: Yes, foo_dumb sets some metadata on dynamic info. But only playback position and status information, and pattern title changes on the %title% field.
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