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Foobar2000 mobile - Avoiding google play

Hi all, I recently bought my first smart phone, after my old standard mobile died after 12 years of reliable use.  Discovered with my new Moto G5s I can expand the memory and throw a good portion of my flac library on there, however I've become annoyed with having google play being shuvved down my throat.  My reluctance for using play are because a:) I live in an area were phone data is limited and expensive, b:) with my limited eye sight doing anything outside of the basic phone functions is difficult.  Surfing the web is much easier on a normal computer. :P

The way I've got around this is using websites that allow downloading the apps to my windows computer, then I can sideload them into my phone completely bypassing the RESOURCE HOGGING google play.  I believe apkmirror is operated by webpolice which apparently is a forum for android app discussions, and by reading some posts on reddit, they seem to be reliable.

My Motorola MotoGSs comes with Android version 7.1.1, and it seems I can only use the common denominater level player of 1.0.94, which I suspect is rather old, and though not to buggy, I would like to move to a newer version.  1.0.94 doesn't always pick up every album in my flac folder doing a folder scan, it usually takes about six or seven scans to fix this.  :(  Presently I have 232 albums with about 4390 flac tracks installed on 128 Gig external Samsung miniSD card.

I've looked at foobar mobile versions and have tried installing a version that roughly correlates with the time period of my android operation system, I've tried Foobar 1.1.5 beta and 1.1.9 beta, but when installing, phone says that they are incompatible; so I've had to roll back to 1.0.94.

So my question is, does anyone know where I can download foobar apks direct to my windows computer, to move across to my mobile, and what versions are compatible with Android 7.1.1?
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Re: Foobar2000 mobile - Avoiding google play

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First, the bug with missing folders is not something I've heard of until now. I'd like a snapshot of your configuration to see what's going on - I'm sending you the instructions via private message.

Version 1.0.94 might not be the latest and greatest but it does not really have known usage ruining bugs, there's no reason not to stick with it.

Note that Android 7.1.1 can run latest versions of foobar2000 mobile just fine. We dropped support for Android system versions older than 4.0, anything 5 years old or newer is still supported. It might be that Google Play refuses to update your installed-from-APK 1.0.94 to a newer one.

Standalone APKs for foobar2000 mobile 1.1 series will be made available eventually. As people who install standalone APKs will not get automatic updates from Google Play, I want to be reasonably confident that the current version has no bugs that need urgent fixing before I release those.

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