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AAC - Tech / AAC Gapless playback information
Last post by apastuszak -
My current workflow for processing music goes as follows:

1. Buy a CD
2. Rip the CD using DBPowerAmp onto my linux server
3. Use beets ( to tag the files, add cover art, lyrics, etc and then copy the file over.
4. Use beets to convert the FLAC files to AAC and place them in my listening folder.

I recently purchased an iPod (yeah, yeah, I know it's not 2005) and have been enjoying the heck out of it.

I synced my entire library over to the iPod, and even though the iPod and AAC both support gapless playback, the iPod is playing albums with gaps.

So, I did some homework, and discovered that the iPod requires gapless playback tags.

beets is using the following command line on linux to convert the files from FLAC to AAC:

ffmpeg -i $source -vn -map 0:0 -c:a libfdk_aac -vbr 5 $dest

This converts the files and copies over all ID3 tags, but it doesn't create gapless playback information.

I found out that the tool fdkaac will write gapless playback information using the command line option --gapless-playback with three different options: the iTunes standard, the ISO standard or both.

But fdkaac won't just write the tags to the file. It needs to encode.

I used the example in the wiki to encode a FLAC file to AAC using the fdkaac command line. The file converted to AAC, and had the proper gapless playback tags, but had no other metadata. fdkaac takes either a WAV file or a PCM stream and converts them to AAC.

Since I have already converted 30K+ tracks to AAC, I would prefer to find a tool that will rip through my library and automagically add all the gapless playback tags. I was hoping the fdkaac would let me do it, but it will not just write tags. And I can't find any command line switches that will allow ffmpeg to do it.

So I'm looking for a way either to:

1. Take my existing files and add iTunes gapless playback tags to them, both AAC and MP3
2. Find a command line that will convert FLAC to AAC, add iTunes gapless playback information, and copy over all the tags and album art.

The only option I can think of that might work now is to transcode all the FLAC files to Apple Lossless. I can then dump them into iTunes and tell iTunes to transcode to AAC on the fly as it syncs. But, if I do that, a 30K+ library will probably take DAYS to sync over.
Scientific Discussion / Re: Cold & harsh audio decay using HDMI - need solution
Last post by A_Man_Eating_Duck -
Just wondering if you brought this amp new or second hand?

Could it have already been calibrated?

The amp has 4 calibration settings
FULL FLAT Makes the measurement of frequency from each speaker flat.
ENGINEER Sets the frequency characteristics to a set that matches that of the Sony listening room standard.
FRONT REF Adjusts the characteristics of all the speakers to match the characteristics of the front speaker.
OFF Set the Auto Calibration EQ to off.

Check out the manual page 113 - 114.
Scientific Discussion / Re: Cold & harsh audio decay using HDMI - need solution
Last post by L1Qu1D666 -
yea listened to "you'll never walk alone" at 40% volume and I know exactly how that sounds through the ae-9, i'm a singer regardless of how good i am so i listen for vocals mainly and its definitely cold, harsh and lifeless. Maybe not lifeless, might be a long shot but when the decay is bad, it just sounds bad. Sounds electronic, rather than natural.
Scientific Discussion / Re: Cold & harsh audio decay using HDMI - need solution
Last post by L1Qu1D666 -
Didn't realise digital could clip, thought it was meant to be set at 100% volume and left.. for the ae-9 it's best to sit around 40% volume but i'm going to test it, it could also be the DAC is old by now as well, had it for about 3 years and 2nd hand. I'm expecting to have to pay around a 1,000 for a decent amp that does the same which i'd rather not do if i can help it...
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Search-by-Distance-SMP
Last post by regor -
Will warn about the folder update misbehavior on the readmes too, so people with >1.6 always install it right no matter if they updated from an old version or not. This is affecting other scripts which rely on relative paths for user configurable files too (like the world map's image).
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Search-by-Distance-SMP
Last post by Koshingg -
@snotlicker and @regor honestly, as a foobar user , I would like to see you both get along, and cooperating in a nice manner, not like this :)

regor the problem is solved if I create that profile folder and move the scripts there, The problem is once I create that profile folder foobar starts without my theme and without user components , so I have to move also the other folders in that profile folder. This is why I avoided this move

snotlicker was right here : "fb2k v1.6+ can easily not have a profile folder from using an older version and then upgrading it in place. Only clean portable installs of v1.6+ generate a profile folder on first run.''

This is exactly my situation, I upgraded and I have no profile folder, I knew about your requirements for users that have foobar 1.6.+ BUT I didn't wanted to start moving folders and components, to create possible problems
I made a quick test and everything seems ok, if I move folders in the profile folder (obviously some things must be modified but it can be done) I'll make a backup, just in case...
This situation with this profile folder (some have it , some not) it's not ideal, for sure :)
But for me, for now, everything seems ok. I think it's better to just move the folders in that profile folder, to avoid possible problems in the future

Thanks for the help
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