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Seeking soundcard for high end home studio (must be under $8

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Damn Zaraza.  I didn't know it was only able to be used with creamware products.

Is there a DSP card that can be used for all your software?  I'd like one just so we have that extra headroom if we need more tracks to be running with plugins on each.

Originally posted by gdougherty

For 00, you could put together an Athlon XP system with at least 512MB or DRR-DRAM, a couple of really fast 7200rpm IDE (or even 10Krpm SCSI drives
actually that is exactly what we got.  a 1.8Ghz AMD XP 512MB DDR RAM.  But we only got one 60gb hard drive, but i plan to get another 80gb 10000rpm hardrive soon.

As for the rest of what you said.  I think your probably right.  We should be better off just getting a MONA or something.  Thanks man.

Seeking soundcard for high end home studio (must be under $8

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My suggestion would be to get a DUAL CPU system (dual P4 or Athlon), as Windows 2000 supports that pretty well.

That should give you plenty of headroom, more than enough probably.

The latest versions of Cubase and Cakewalk (if I am correct) are optimized to take advantage of dual-CPU systems, but you would have to check up on to be sure (anyway, it's really up to the operating system to utilize multiple CPUs efficiently).

Seeking soundcard for high end home studio (must be under $8

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Hello SNYder.

As for dedicated audio DSP-cards (for the non-ProTools community) I'd recommend you to check out TC Works' Powercore and Universal Audio's Powered Plug-ins, more commonly referred to as UAD-1.

The Powercore can use pretty much any existing VST-plugin out there, as well as a few softsynths, while the UAD-1 have its own propietary format and is bundled with a fixed set. It can, however, be upgraded in the sense that new plugins released by Universal Audio can be added to the list (such as the new Nigel Guitar effects processor).

The Powercore is $1299 and the UAD-1 is $995, although you can probably get a better deal on both of them. There's been a lot of comparisons and discussion of the two, so a search on pro-audio forums or product specific ones such as the Nuendo Forums might help you further if you are interested.

Good luck with your music!

/ Uosdwis

Seeking soundcard for high end home studio (must be under $8

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That's a good idea Zaraza.  I'll look into this.

and Uosdwis R. Dewoh, I'll check those out, thanks a lot

Seeking soundcard for high end home studio (must be under $8

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Originally posted by Zaraza
So, let's say you want to use Propellerheads Reason or some VST instrument for Cubase...all that DSP on the Creamware card won't help you one bit, since those non-Creamware apps have to run on your PC's CPU.

Now tell me why the heck you'd want to use Reason when you have Creamware? that program only seems to be a copy of what the Creamware can do
besides, you make your own plugins etc for Creamware, or you build them in one of the many GUIs.
What about Luna II? it's cheap and has excellent quality.