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Scratches in Vinyl Records


I've discovered that the sleeves to the records often scratch the record itself, lightly.
I know how to avoid those scratches now, but there's one thing that still bugs me:

Is there any way at all to get rid of these light scratches in the vinyl?
They don't affect the playing, not all of them at least, but they just annoy the heck out of me, and almost every record i have is only pressed in 500 copies, and was sold out a long time ago, and sells for about 150$ + on eBay.

Please, help   

Scratches in Vinyl Records

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Are you talking about scratches that are visible but not audible? I would be afraid that any cure for visible scratches would cause even more damage.

Scratches in Vinyl Records

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I don't think there's any way to get rid of those, but you're correct in  that some sleeves (esp. paper ones) do seem to leave small scratches on the surface of records. The moral of the story: rip your vinyl the FIRST time you pull it out of the sleeve, and listen to the digital copy thereafter.