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Replay Gain in Rhythmbox

Hi everybody,

I know this question is not strictly about FLAC files themselves, but I hoped that somebody in this forum had sucessfully got Rhythmbox to playback their replaiy gained FLAC files, and could help me, and possibly others, out.

I use GRIP cdparanoia to rip and encode my FLAC files and have the "calculate gain adjustment" flag selected under the RIP - RIPPER tab.

I have also used "metaflac --add-replay-gain filename.flac" to add replay gain to some files that I got from my brother.

I'm pretty sure that the replay gain has been set correctly for these FLAC files, but on playback using Rhythmbox the volume levels are not even, there are some files that play back QUITE noticeably louder or softer than others.

The thing is, I can't find any options in Rhythmbox to set-up replay gain. Is it something that is always on, is it not yet implemented or do I need to download some sort of extension? I've read that Rhythmbox is compatible with replay gain so I'm a bit lost.