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USB audio output to PC output

Hi. I'm trying to make device with USB audio output (guitar processor) output sound through my PC. The goal is to play along with the music from PC through same speaks. I can record in Audacity and set it to playback while recording but that introduces delay which is very distracting.

Re: USB audio output to PC output

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Hi. I'm trying to make device with USB audio output (guitar processor) output sound through my PC
Exactly what do you have?   

There is always SOME latency (delay) through the computer.    Sometimes the latency can be reduced to the point where it's not a problem (usually by reducing buffer size) but if you reduce it too far you can get glitches (interruptions/dropouts) in the audio and in the recording)  Often, you have to make some "tweaks" to your computer to get low latency without glitches and it can be "difficult".

So it's BEST if you can find another way to monitor yourself.  It's OK if the backing-track comes from the computer because you can play in-time.    And if you are recording, the latency in the recording can be compensated for before mixing with the backing track.   

Many USB audio interfaces have zero-latency direct-hardware monitoring, or a mixer with a USB port is another option.

There is a FREE online book called Glitch Free about optimizing your computer for low-latency audio.  It's less than 100 pages but it's still a book... 

Re: USB audio output to PC output

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Thanks for the replay!
I have Zoom G2.1u Guitar Effects Pedal. It's old but it works.
My PC is connected through AV receiver to TV and it would be cool to play along the music through same speakers instead of bringing some crappy ones. If only AV receivers could play two inputs at the same time.

Re: USB audio output to PC output

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What about a simple analog mixer?

Re: USB audio output to PC output

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From the docs, the device seems to have an audio out (jack). You could probably connect it to line-in on your audio card, then in windows (i assume) win+r, type "control", enter to get into the old control panel of windows. Select Sound, select your sound card in the "Recording" tab, click "properties", go to "Listen" tab and tick "Listen to this device". This should have minimal latency with wdm (the regular) drivers, and the output of the device would play through your default audio out device in windows.

I'm not sure if you guitar effect device can act as a playback device for the PC, but if so, you could use a wdm <-> asio bridge for minimal latencies (VoiceMeter Banana / Asio Link Pro, the latter is more obscure), but this would also require some advanced setup on your end, depending on what you need for regular use, and for occasions when playing the guitar.

I might be able to help further for the wdm <-> asio business, since i'm running it myself, but maybe later, and this would probably require a more interactive operation, not a forum message.
Although I might just post the tutorial for what i'm running atm myself.

But just to reiterate, this requires your device to be able to be used as an output through asio drivers, which i'm not sure your device supports. Although i just took a quick glance at the docs.
But also, if you just require a simple playback of a song/track to play along, AND your device supports asio output, you could probably rig up a simple DAW (not sure what free ones are available, but there are some).

Just in case you weren't aware, asio drivers provide the lowest latency possible, and your device seems to provide some sort of asio drivers. The latency is configurable (usually) in the asio driver, but with lower latencies, the cpu is used more, so the latency depends on the on your PC as well. Generally, anything under 10ms isn't that noticeable. WDM drivers run by default at around 15-20ms, up to 50ms, i think, so it's noticable for live performances. WDM can run lower, but it depends on the software, the wasapi mode used (shared/exclusive) etc. For "low latency" on windows, asio is still the way to go.

Re: USB audio output to PC output

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I'll try to process all that information but I feel this shouldn't be that complex. I can almost do this with Audacity (monitoring while recording) but with lag too big and distracting. Until I figure how to do this I'll play using small Fender amp which doesn't really impress me with its sound.

Re: USB audio output to PC output

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Also, ensure that the TV or the receiver (if digital) is not adding additional latency.

I have an old Sony TV with analog PC audio input, and it has a latency of around 50ms ( I could measure it using a controller that also has headphone output and an application that could adjust the latency of individual outputs).

Re: USB audio output to PC output

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I know. Game mode is on and TV is one of the best in low latency terms on the market. It's LG BTW.
AV receiver is set to pure sound setting.