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MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

I am considering asking for a MP3 Player for my birthday and I know a few of you here have them. So my questions are:

1. What kind (model name) of player to you own?

2. What do you like most about it?

3. What do you not like about it?

4. What Lame settings to you use when encoding songs for your player?

Thanks in advance to those who take the time to answer this!


MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #1
1. AVC Soul
2. perfect: Firmware, using
3. I don't like, that it has no loader for batteries, akku-loader, a little bit silent at line out.
4. --alt-preset extreme -b224 -F (target around 250 kbit/s) or low quality:
--alt-preset 132 (target 128 - 130 kbit/s)

MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #2
very probably best stand alone DVD/MP3/SVCD/VCD player on earth

1. there are a lot very similar player, upgradeable FW, remember: FW 2.36 ...............

2. FW in development,
mp3 names/directories scrolling on front display, so no TV screen needed to select mp3 songs.
XSVCD is possible
and a lot other formats.... (ac3 as file...)

3. bad: at the moment: you cannot select by scrolling through directories a new mp3 song, during another song is playing

4. --alt-preset extreme -b 224 -F

(Unfortunately I have no time to translate my AVC Soul report to English, though I have finished first half of translation)

(Unfortunately I have no time, too, to update TYT&clones report.....)

MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #3
1. Nex II
2. Small, Nice
3. Mine is a bit broken and I don't like the idea of shipping it back to Hong Kong... so I live with it
4. --alt-preset standard (all songs from my archives) or --alt-preset 134 (made especially for the portable)

MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #4
I've got an AVC Soul too (latest firmware), but I don't use any special encoding.  It seems to work better with CBR files (time display and FFW are better), but it's fine with --alt-preset standard or whatever (no skipping or glitches I've ever heard).

Anyway, the Soul II is now out, and so are more advanced Rio Volt players.  I would go with the latest generation of players if possible, newest model you can find.  Iriver SlimX would probably be a good choice.

MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #5
I've been looking some looking around since my initial post and I am really considering a Noman Jukebox.  I think it would be cool to buy a 6GB model and upgrade it to a 40GB hard drive. The Archos also seems really cool.

Believe it or not, I would like a flash model (no moving parts) but storage is limited on those models. I just checked Best Buy and a 128MB flash model was the same price as the Archos with a 10GB hard disk!

One thing I've been trying to find is a webpage that tests various hardware players with different Lame settings, as I have heard that some players have problems with VBR. If anyone can point out a link to any thing like that, I would really appreciate it.

And thanks to those who have replied so far. I now have more research to do.


MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #6
1.  Actually I have two, the Rio VOlt sp-100 & I was given an iriver slimX.

2.  Rio Volt- the big screen & the big buttons.  SlimX - The eight minute shock protection and the overall sleekness of it.  Both- the firmware upgrades

3.  Rio Volt - the inability to use in extremely low temperatures (I live quite far north) & the relatively short battery period  (0-15hours).  SlimX - x-tra small buttons.  The slimX gives me no temperature problems and the batteries last a lot longer.

4. Both, alt preset extreme.  Once ogg is supported by the slimX, probably that, or once the encoder is up to at least v1.5


MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #7
1.  I own the iRiver SlimX.

2. In addition to the *excellent* LCD remote that it comes with, I really like the firmware upgradability and the fact that the developers actually make good use of it by taking popular user suggestions into consideration.

3. The only thing I really don't like about the SlimX is that it currently has a small gap in between tracks on an audio CD -- an issue that will be resolved through the next firmware update -- and also the lack of an LCD display on the actual player itself.

4. I use --alt-preset standard for all of my MP3's.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this player above the rest of the portable MP3 / CD players out there.

MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #8
I'm dying to get a car radio cdplayer with MP3 Support.  Thats all I would need if anything.  Anyone with any suggestions?  Not too expensive though...I was looking at a few units at a local Circuit City and Best Buy....

MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #9
1. Dioneer Dcp-100

2. High quality and very cheap (Firmware upgradable, 640 s antishock, etc)

3. Still doesn't have m3u playlist support

4. alt-preset-standard mainly

MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #10
1. Rio Volt SP100...
2. Fits more audio than a normal CD/MD player...
3. Skip protection, battery length and the size... (Even normal walking will make the player skip, no matter how long anti-skip buffer you have...)
4. --alt-preset 128

You won´t hear any difference between 128 and for example 256 kbit/s on a portable player unless you have really good hearing, good headphones and you´re sitting in a room without much noise... (IE, the noise from the surroundings will simply "destroy" all those extra frequencies you encode with a higher bitrate...)

MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #11
1. TerraTec M3PO
2. Very nice functions & features. Primarily used as a jukebox in my car.

MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #12
1. AVC Soul Player
2. everything 
3. no support for rechargeable battery
4. --alt-preset standard (Lame 3.90.2)


MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #13
All I use is --alt-preset extreme for everything.  I want things as close to archival quality without going too much higher in filesize.  I can still fit PLENTY of songs per cd, and if it means having to carry a few extra, then fine, because I can hear the difference for sure being a musician myself.  As long as the car mp3 player supports VBR that high, I am happy....

MP3 Hardware Players Questionnaire

Reply #14
1. Philips Expanium 101
2. It's a mp3cd (& CDRW) -player. Supports rechargeable batteries.
3. Battery life. This may have improved since the model I have was the first Expanium that came into the market.
4. --alt-preset standard

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