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Available %variables% in CUETools?

I would like to know where to find all variables that CUETools supports for the file destination template.

Also, I'm trying to do some probably quite insane scheme and it would be very useful to me if the CTDB TOCID were available as a variable to be used for that too. I'm guessing it's not, but, if it were ¿what would the variable name be?

I'm talking about this, "[CTDB TOCID: nSlbZarAwMt4cn77.373CgVv3r8-] found."
I'm presuming it's a unique ID generated from the TOC of the disc.
That would do nicely for what I'm trying to do.

Re: Available %variables% in CUETools?

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You can use almost any custom tag that you might have in your source files as a template variable.
I recently edited to include what I could find in the source code.

Re: Available %variables% in CUETools?

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Thank you.
I see TOC ID is not one of them, as expected.
No way to do what I want other than copypasting it manually, I guess, which isn't really practical.