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Title: New: Aud-X 1.2 - major improvements
Post by: 3dsnar1 on 2006-03-13 07:08:55
We have just lounched Aud-X v. 1.2.
http://www.aud-x.com/content/view/12/26/ (http://www.aud-x.com/content/view/12/26/)

This version has significant improvements, which allow to disable the DS decoder, without reinstallation. Also, it is possible to specify which streams should be decoded by the DS filter.

We also added a new DolbyProLobicII decoding algorith (more on this in a separate thread).

The list of changes is:
[1.2] - DolbyProLogicII DSP decoder.
[1.2] - New set of DirectShow configuration options, which allow for easy disabling/enabling of the Aud-X DShow filter, without the need of reinstallation.
[1.2] – Direct AC3 to Aud-X transcoding via the executable front-end.
[1.2] – Memory leakage problems fixed.

I hope you'll enjoy it