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Title: setting timestamps / markers while listening to podcasts
Post by: SiliasHA on 2021-11-24 07:35:46
Dear forum,
after searching the web for hours for an android-app, which solves my issue, I've got now the idea, to try it with foobar-mobile, which I'm using for years on my laptop.

Here is my issue and my approach, I was thinking of - but maybe you have some additional suggestions for me. Anyways, thank you very much in advance for your support! :)

I like listening to podcasts while doing sth else (like sport, cleaning, ...). The podcasts are saved as mp3-files on my mobile. To recall the most interesting parts of the podcasts, which I want to remember, I'd like to jump back to the podcast-time-positions of these parts, after finishing the podcast. So I can listen to these parts again, which will help me to remember these parts better. Maybe at home, I also could write something down, which also would support the remembering-process...

possible approach:
I'd like to have the possibility to set a timestamp / a time-marker, by for example pressing a headset-button. The Info of the timestamp could for example be stored within a cuesheet, or maybe could be written by a ID3-Tag-Editor to a certain metadata field.

Question to forum:
Do you see a possibility within foobar-mobile for my issue? Maybe a individual skin could be programed? Or do you have other suggestions for me?

Anyways, kind regards and thanks in advance,
Silias :)