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Title: CUETools Database (CTDB) and freedb.org closure
Post by: korth on 2020-03-01 19:10:40
01 MARCH 2020

The CUETools Database (CTDB) already replicates and stores metadata from freedb.org (http://www.freedb.org/) monthly. When freedb.org closes later this month (31 MARCH 2020), CUETools, CUERipper, the EAC CUETools Database Plugin, and other programs in the CUETools suite will still access the stored metadata. You just will not be able to make new freedb submissions and new CDs will not be added to the stored freedb metadata.*

*If this changes, additional information will be posted here.

08 JANUARY 2022

As of CUERipper 2.1.8, the internal links for "freedb.org" were changed to "gnudb.gnudb.org". The "freedb submit" button now sends metadata directly to "gnudb.org".