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xxPhotobucket is now charging for unlimited third party inlining

30 June, 2017, 12:32:30 AM by kode54 | Views: 1347 | Comments: 3

As of June 20th, 2017, you may find your Photobucket account suspended for overuse. It seems they now want you to cough up $399.99 USD per year for the privilege of unlimited off-site inlining of images.

So, find alternative hosting. Just don't use Photobucket, there are plenty of alternatives. We even have our own file hosting. Of course, I could increase the limit, since certain people have been finding the 40MB per file, and per account, rather cramping.


25 June, 2017, 03:31:30 PM by spoon | Views: 1569 | Comments: 4

Tomorrow (Monday 26th June) will go down for approximately 30 minutes. This is to transfer it to a backup server as the server it is currently running on is showing early signs of reliability issues.

Any issues please post here so they can be tracked and responded to quickly.

xxOpus 1.2 is out!

20 June, 2017, 03:27:26 PM by jmvalin | Views: 8000 | Comments: 56

This Opus 1.2 major release brings many quality improvements, new features, and bug fixes. You can read all the details in this release demo page. Changes since 1.1.x include:
  • Speech quality improvements especially in the 12-20 kbit/s range
  • Improved VBR encoding for hybrid mode
  • More aggressive use of wider speech bandwidth, including fullband speech starting at 14 kbit/s
  • Music quality improvements in the 32-48 kb/s range
  • Generic and SSE CELT optimizations
  • Support for directly encoding packets up to 120 ms
  • DTX support for CELT mode
  • SILK CBR improvements
  • Support for all of the fixes in draft-ietf-codec-opus-update-06 (the mono downmix and the folding fixes need --enable-update-draft)
  • Many bug fixes, including integer wrap-arounds discovered through fuzzing (no security implications)
There are no known regressions compared to the latest stable release (1.1.5). Please report any problems.