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Are the filenames correct?
OSD Plugin in foobar2k. Same deal.

Ok, last post. Enough examples.

How do you know the tags are correct?
It's rather hard to explain, but basically, every track is moved down. For example, if you listen to track 36, you're actually listening to track 35. If you're listening to track 44, you're actually listening to track 43, etc.

And is it really tags or audio, and not that you have sorted them by something else?

No, I'm not sorting them by anything else. Every other album I have plays as it should.
Some forums have a note (in red text) that pops up in old threads, reminding a poster that it's an old thread.

I use my Android smartphone and IEM to listen to music from streaming platforms (Qobuz, Spotify and I may give a try to Tidal soon).

I am looking for Android application with:
  • Parametric EQ
  • Crossfeed
that I could use while listening from the streaming platforms mentioned above.

May you have suggestions?

Equalization of headphones is good, but I just don't get this crossfeed thing.

IME the most useful Eq app for headphones running under Android is called Neutralizer, and it is in the Google Play Store.
I use foobar (version 1.0.61 lite) to play audio books previously downloader to my memory card on android mobile phone. It is very useful to continue playing files from the last point I was listening before closing foobar (or shutdown mobile phone).

How do I do that?

Thanks for your help!
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So, the tags are correct, but the audio is wrong (every track is moved up one place, essentially) . How can I fix this in foobar?

More likely, the tags are wrong.