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Re: Columns UI

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i have 4 layouts in my fb-installation (CUI). the individual layouts are selected via buttons.
is it possible to query the currently active layout?
i would prefer the "hot image" (button) of the currently active layout to be displayed. instead of the "normal image".
or what else could be done so that i can display the current layout? (in "main window" or "status bar" of CUI)

thanks in advance

Re: Columns UI

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Hello musicmusic

in cui version 1.7.0-beta 1, the "use custom text" is never shown on the buttons.
only the normal text is displayed when you move the cursor over it. this was also the case in version 1.6.0.
furthermore, after switching to another layout, no text is displayed for any button. only after restarting fb.

please correct - thank you

Re: Columns UI

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(furthermore, after switching to another layout, no text is displayed for any button. only after restarting fb.)

sorry my fault - works correctly
window is not fully activated after switching over


Re: Columns UI

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not sure if this is a CUI-, or coverflow-, or FB-problem.
i am using:
FB version 1.6.7
CUI 1.7.0-beta2 (but also tried with 1.6.0; doesn't work either)
coverflow 0.5.2

I have installed coverflow. it works perfectly.
now i want to move coverflow from one tab-stack to another tab-stack in the layout.
in the layout: right click on coverflow + copy panel.
in the new tab-stack: right click + paste panel.
the panel is not inserted !? it works with the other panels.

now i wanted to insert the coverflow-panel in the new tab-stack. coverflow is not displayed in the selection list !? but the other panels are all displayed.

I don't know why this doesn't work. I hope someone on the forum can help.

Thanks !

Re: Columns UI

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thank you marc2k3 for the explanation

Re: Columns UI

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Assuming what I said was accurate, I guess a case could be made for disabling/hiding the copy command on panels that present themselves as single instance only. But I suspect taking that in to account when copying splitters that might contain it is a whole other world of pain/difficulty. :P

Re: Columns UI

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I really miss Columns Playlist
YouTube Music

Re: Columns UI

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Message to Music Music:

I just updated to Columns UI 1.7.0 and I see that it is equal to beta 2
I have had a great disappointment because I expected some of my requests to be scheduled and I checked not.
I would like that in a next version you could include the requests I made a few months ago:

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Desde <>

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Desde <>