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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by TT -
Hey guys,

can I have one or two minutes of your time to answer some questions?
I am interested in your honest opinion/feedback, please no honey smearing!

All votes are anonymous, thank you!

How fast does the new Reborn theme change its colors when playing a new album?

What is your favorite Georgia-ReBORN theme?

Which Georgia-ReBORN themes are you using? ( Multiple votes allowed! )

Which Georgia-ReBORN layouts are you using? ( Multiple votes allowed! )

Which are your favorite Georgia-ReBORN disc art placeholders? ( Multiple votes allowed! )

What do you think about Georgia-ReBORN's new logo?

Are you using and creating playlists?

What music genres do you listen to? ( Multiple votes allowed! )

Thanks for participating!

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by lender1257 -

not sure if this is a CUI-, or coverflow-, or FB-problem.
i am using:
FB version 1.6.7
CUI 1.7.0-beta2 (but also tried with 1.6.0; doesn't work either)
coverflow 0.5.2

I have installed coverflow. it works perfectly.
now i want to move coverflow from one tab-stack to another tab-stack in the layout.
in the layout: right click on coverflow + copy panel.
in the new tab-stack: right click + paste panel.
the panel is not inserted !? it works with the other panels.

now i wanted to insert the coverflow-panel in the new tab-stack. coverflow is not displayed in the selection list !? but the other panels are all displayed.

I don't know why this doesn't work. I hope someone on the forum can help.

Thanks !
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Playback freeze for 1-2 second after screen wake up
Last post by samuelawachie -
If what @Rollin suggested doesn't work, then try to go to (Ctrl+ P --> Playback --> Output --> CLEAR checkmark on Fading/Smooth seeking pause and volume. (i.e. Make sure it's NOT check-marked).
I was having a similar problem but in reverse. Whenever the screen went off, it would stutter for a second and then continue normally. That was what fixed it.
Let us know when/if you fix it and what worked
General Audio / Looking for a ASIO driver developer
Last post by psaudio -
We are a high-end audio manufacturer, PS Audio, and building a recording studio based on DSD. We need to get 32 channels of DSD into a Windows computer either in DoP or natively.

If there are any developers familiar with this requirement that would consider working with us please reach out to me,

What is needed is a system for connecting multiple channels (32 minimum) of DSD128 audio into a Digital Audio Workstation, operating on the Windows 10 OS, using ASIO.

There are consumer solutions for DSD audio over USB, but they are limited to 2-8 channels. Pro audio equipment supports higher channel counts, but are generally limited to PCM only. Ravenna networked audio can in theory support DSD but the currently available OEM hardware does not.

The source equipment (A/D converter) is being designed by PS Audio and we have great flexibility on how the digital audio is transmitted. We have interfaces for SDIF, AES-3, MADI, Dante, and Ravenna.

Proposed Solution:
   The likely solution is to use a format known as DoP, or DSD Over PCM. In this format, 16 bits of DSD audio information are encoded into a 24 bit PCM frame. The remaining 8 bits are used for a flag sequence that receiving hardware and software can recognize. The flags and bit order are chosen such that this signal is benign if played back on a non-DSD aware receiver.
Standard “Single Rate” or 64x DSD encodes 64 bits for every 44.1KHz sample period (2.8224Mbps). With 16 bits encoded per frame it takes 4 frames to encode 64 bits. Thus the PCM frame rate required for DSD64 is 176.4KHz. Most pro audio interfaces will support 176.4KHz PCM.
“Double Rate” or 128x DSD encodes 128 bits for every 44.1KHz sample period. In order to use DoP encoding a 352.8KHz PCM frame rate would be required. Few interfaces support this rate, so there is also an option to use two 176.4KHz frames (2 PCM channels) to encode DSD128.
(We are currently only interested in Double Rate, but “Quad Rate” and “Octal Rate” exist and could theoretically be encoded in 4 or 8 channel frames at 176.4KHz PCM)

Proposed Implementation:
   The solution would be a software driver that either replaces the standard hardware driver or is able to exist “on top of” the standard driver or “in between” the existing driver and the application. For each audio channel, this software would need to receive one or more channels of PCM audio data from the ASIO hardware interface, decode it into a DSD audio, and make that available to an ASIO application.
For example, Audinate (Dante) PCIe-R soundcard (
Can receive 64 channels of 176.4KHz, 24 bit PCM data. Software/Driver would receive these 64 channels of PCM data, convert them to 32 channels of DSD128 data, and make that available to the application.

General - (fb2k) / Re: Make foobar playback order options mimick Poweramp
Last post by samuelawachie -
You don't have to load the json file... that's a preset! I would recommend you to read the readme and installation notes of Playlist-Tools.... since that's the thing you have to install first.

Haven't I done it correctly then?
After putting it in its correct location, it doesn't show up in Foobar after I restarted the application either.
I must be installing it wrongly or something
General - (fb2k) / Re: Make foobar playback order options mimick Poweramp
Last post by regor -
You don't have to load the json file... that's a preset! I would recommend you to read the readme and installation notes of Playlist-Tools.... since that's the thing you have to install first.

After you have installed the scripts, then you can load the json file as a preset within the script.
At that point you will have a new panel with a buttons bar. Pressing Playlist tools opens a menu, at config you can load a presets file (the json file).
After all it's done, you will have a new entry at the pools submenu.

The thing I have posted is just the preset, it does nothing without the rest and has nothing to do with SMP panels.
If you are not able to do it, wait for a gif in some hours ;)
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