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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: SACD .dsf file conversion plug-ins
Last post by dbnicholls -
Thanks for your reply.

My standard playback is "portable".  The .wav files will be put on a high-capacity USB stick to plug into the port on my truck, or the port of my Sony Blu-ray USB port to play through my main stereo system.  Both have limited file support (e.g. not .flac) and I'd like to avoid the compression of .mp3
General Audio / Re: WMP Tag Plus - MPEG4, Vorbis and FLAC metadata support for WMP
Last post by Kusaywa -
Just a tip... I use Shark007 Standard Codecs for movies. If you install the Shark007 codecs AFTER removing WMP flac support in regedit and then installing WMP Tag Plus, it will screw up WMP Tag Plus by placing flac entries back into the registry. Not sure if other codec packs do this? So Shark007 needs to be installed first, then make the registry changes and install WMP Tag Plus. And I imagine updating Shark007 codecs puts the flac entries back into the registry again. Sorry if this was already discussed. Thought it might help?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: SACD .dsf file conversion plug-ins
Last post by Porcus -
Not answering your question, but if you just want to tag them and play them with fb2k, then WavPack can store the audio losslessly.
* You cannot use Windows "Exclusive mode" on a sound device that does not support DSD though.
* If so, you must use wavpack.exe to convert - not foobar2000. The easiest is to drag and drop onto wavpack.exe, but better is to use command-line wavpack -h -v -m infile.dsf (that gives higher compression, writes audio MD5, and verifies afterwards, always a good practice).

If you want to convert to .flac or .wav or .aiff, then the conversion will not be completely lossless, but for all practical purposes so, because fb2k will by default select a stupidly high sample rate. My attitude is that if you don't convert losslessly, then you may as well get the file size down: keep the dsf of .wv for archive, and ask yourself what do you need for portable use.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / SACD .dsf file conversion plug-ins
Last post by dbnicholls -

I have a number of already-converted .dsf files that I want to convert to .flac and/or .wav files.  I see that Foobar2000  (for Windows 10) is likely the tool I want to use.  What I'm not sure about is which SACD plug-in for Foobar2000 I need to facilitate the .dsf to .flac or .wav conversions.

Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated, and thank you for my "newbie" question.

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