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Topic: Album List Panel (foo_uie_albumlist): Crash when viewing by Copyright field (Read 460 times) previous topic - next topic
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Album List Panel (foo_uie_albumlist): Crash when viewing by Copyright field

Hi, I'm having some difficulty creating a working Copyright view for the Album List.
Here is what I have specified in the Value field:

Code: [Select]
%<copyright>%|[%artist% - ][%title% ]['['%album%[ #[%disc%.]%track%]']'] ~~~ %path% '['%subsong%']'

I've also specified COPYRIGHT as multi-value field under Advanced preferences.

When I attempt to change the Album List view from one of the others to this one, foobar2000 crashes. I've attached crash logs. Can anybody spot if I'm doing something incorrectly? Or could it be something to do with the contents of the Copyright field in my media library? There is a lot of junk data in this field from decades of music downloads, which I am hoping to sanitise with the assistance of the Album List.

Also, just in case it's important, I have three other customised Album List panels in a Tab Stack (Directory, Genre & Year, all working fine.)


Re: Album List Panel (foo_uie_albumlist): Crash when viewing by Copyright field

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I've had a look at the crash dump. It's crashing when sorting nodes in the tree, but it's not obvious what the underlying cause is as it seems to be something that happened earlier.

Let me see if I can find anything else out, but I'll probably send you a PM to help get to the bottom of it.