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Title: Need detection / warning on filenames too long
Post by: Arbie on 2010-08-18 20:15:14
I have just discovered CutTools (v2.0.9) and am very pleased to have it.

In the interest of making it better, here's a serious problem I encountered and what I hope is a simple fix.  For a combination of reasons, splitting a large FLAC resulted in one file not being extracted.  I'm pretty sure this is because the total path + filename was too long for Windows.

The problem is that CT didn't show any warning that one file had been skipped.  I deleted the big FLAC before I realized that and so can't recover.

==>  I suggest that CT warn whenever the OS fails to create a file that CT has requested.  If this can't be done, a fallback might be for CT to check afterwards to see if there were as many files created as the cue sheet called for.

Thanks for a great tool.