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General Audio / Lossless audio - we have space on todays portables. Comparisons
Last post by shadowking -
Low end systems:

2006 player, 2GB flash, HQ 190k lossy

album average = 70mb

(70/1024mb/2gb) = 0.034 %

2021 player, 16gb flash, lossless cd audio

album average = 350mb

(350/1024mb/16gb) = 0.021 %

Higher end systems:

2006 player, 20GB HDD, HQ 190k lossy

album average = 70mb

(70/1024mb/20gb) = 0.0034 %

2021 player, 200GB flash, lossless cd audio

album average = 350mb

(350/1024mb/200gb) = 0.0017 %
CUETools / Re: Track file size changed after cuetools fix
Last post by Porcus -
If you want to do this kind of exercise, it is probably easier to dump the "before" and the "after" into foobar2000 and user the foo_bitcompare component. Especially since one can also use CUETools to fix offset (shifting the bitstream to the left or right), an operation that moves audio in between files and thereby does alter the MD5.
AAC - General / Re: AAC for speech - as low as reasonable?
Last post by j7n -
Indeed AAC files produced by Winamp with HE or HEv2 preset are reported as stereo. LC is mono. I don't know why that is. When given a mono file, the encoder appears to automatically switch off parametric stereo and the files are HE-AAC without v2.

I can't really say with confidence whether QAAC or WA is better. They have different artifacts. The quality goes down fast below 32 kbit/s. I wouldn't go any lower than that today. The aspect I was impressed with in Winamp was the parametric stereo without distracting jumps in the panning. It is reasonable to have stereo with speech content where one person is panned left and another one right or center, without sacrificing bandwidth. In AAC-LC, Winamp has slightly more bandwidth at 24 kbit/s.
CUETools / Re: Track file size changed after cuetools fix
Last post by SimBun -
Code: [Select]
metaflac --show-md5sum *.flac
Shows the stored (calculated during the creation of the flac file) md5 hash of the decoded audio in the flac file, so no matter what compression you use it should always be the same. In your scenario, if you ran it before and after a fix only the track that was fixed should change.

Code: [Select]
flac --test *.flac
Can be used to check that the stored MD5 still reflects the decoded audio. This shouldn't be necessary in your scenario, but is useful if you want to check for potential bit-rot of the audio data.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by paregistrase -
You can configure the panel and copy paste works but there is no data downlaoded from internet so it only could be a workaround to configure UI.

in order to have a working prefix you can't use the ie8 verb so the problem are still there.

Current workarounds are configure the panel with the 32 prefix (one time solution,), comment out the copy paste line to avoid right click crash in the everyday use prefix and add the DPI to the registry.

There is not workaround to download images (as far as I know)

So any effort to make it works will be welcome with joy.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by regor -
Well thats the point of this thread. No matter how many times those tips are repeated, unless there is a clear place collecting all steps for users (wiki) this will continue on the future repeating itself (agree with TT on this).

If there are fixes for most of these reports, they should be included once they are compiled on the FAQ TT linked. Even a thread here is a bad place as a final documentation since it will be lost on a few weeks. That's why there is an official github for SMP with a linux FAQ.

For sure we can not expect that a regular user must know that a DPI variable have to be edited or that internet things doesn't work just because it's a "known thing" for developers while the FAQ omits that info.

I could help creating a pdf with latex if TheQwertiest prefers to go that route though.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: How do I make a track appear twice in an autoplaylist or album list?
Last post by regor -
Can do it with the playlist manager (my sig), you have to create an smart playlist with duplication allowed (i.e. duplication filter disabled). You need Spider Monkey Panel.

The syntax is the same than an autoplaylist, but something like 'PLAYLIST IS ...' is allowed. You will use that Smart Playlist to load tracks from other autoplaylists ... then create multiple autoplaylists for the different years you want to check. Loading the smart playlist will merge the different autoplaylists' tracks without filtering duplicates.

Don't expect any more steps-by-steps, but you can check the readme pdf for the manager which should be a guide good enough to do it.
Thanks. I tried this. I could not find any option to create a `smart playlist` or any option for duplication filtering. I just saw an option to create to 'add new autoplaylist'.

I cannot find any `readme pdf` in the zip package or on the github either.


You are not using the latest version, thats why you are missing that. Download from github the current repository directly as a zip file (green button "code" on main page), not the releases page.
I have delayed creating new releases until SMP fixes relative path script loading.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Encoder pack False Positive.
Last post by kode54 -
foobar2000 doesn't build in any encoders. And it probably won't, either. If you want a version that requires the encoders to be compiled into plugins, please see: version 0.8.3. I hear it also works on Windows 9x.
General Music Discussion / Re: Is it OK to have a CD edition and download a copy of a original?
Last post by krafty -

Well pointed by folk that in some countries, you cannot even make a copy of your own disc.

In my case, I have some national pressings which are not quite good when packaging comes along. The UK/Japan/US/Germany are quite better. They usually are bit identical. But these new remasters make me cry. They totally ruin the work. And last remaster for Violator was a butcher job -- this is the one that's been getting pressed all reissues since 2006.

Thanks for your contribution.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: How do I make a track appear twice in an autoplaylist or album list?
Last post by metal_termite -
I must have made a mistake with my syntax on foo_albumlist, because you can have duplicate track entries in the separate nodes providing they have the necessary multi-value tag, eg %<artist>% or in my case %<CHART_BILLBOARDTOP100>%.

It just wont translate it into duplicate entries in the playlist.

Nope, can't do it with foo_albumlist

"Any string manipulation function that removes a part of a string or inserts a substring by position is generally unsafe. This includes $left(), $right(), $cut(), $pad(), etc."